Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Episode 6 Ruview

Lets get into it girls. Coming off the back of the most iconic episode of Drag Race this season, and perhaps ever we have a top 6 again!


With the villain of the season vanquished and two fan favourites back in the mix,

For this weeks mini challenge, the Pit Crew join designer Andrew Christian *promo* for the girls to play a round of ‘Butt Butt Golf’.

The queens each look terrible in their half drag, but the challenge is silly and fun, not to mention awkwardly sexual, and of course Alaska wins once again!

Now for the main challenge; the girls must each create their own product to market to the judges through an advert in hopes to sell at this years Drag Con.

Marcus Lemonis, whoever he is, enters the workroom with Ru to offer feedback on the girls ideas, tearing into them all and reading the girls the house down boots.

Shooting their commercials we get an insight into each of their weaknesses; Katya seems a little confused, Detox realises her lack of catchphrases, Alaska comes a little too prepared, Alyssa lacks a little energy, Roxxxy’s iconic wig reveals flop, and Tatianna needs to step her pussy up a little more. Though Michelle and Carson were there to help, all they did was laugh at the queens and offer snarky comments.

On the main stage, Ru looks sickening as always, and our judges Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Todrick Hall have all stepped their wardrobe up too. We’re so happy to finally see guest judge Graham Norton on the show. The theme of the week is ‘pants on the runway’.

Roxxxy looked stunning, but it was a little plain. Katya gave lesbian, business woman of the 90’s.  Alyssa gave over-the-top Alyssa, it was amazing and high powered female but at the end of the day its just Alyssa.

Detox brings it as always, looking great but it was a little lacking in comparison to the high concepts of her competitors. Alaska gave Studio 54/clown realness. Her look is fun and irreverent. Tatianna came through with her T-Boz look, she looks beautiful and her runway was fun and funky. Slay.

Roxxxy’s ad was cute. She was funny, well-spoken, and beautiful! With that said it was not a stand out, falling somewhere in the middle. Katya killed her advert finally giving us more of her famed Russian character, it reminded us of Jinkx’s perfume advert which we also loved. She was a clear stand out amongst the girls.

Alyssa gave 100%. She had a great concept, but it was a little confused with the all-American, presidential theme. We’re sure her fans got their life from all the gif-able moments. Detox did well. She had a great idea, and was charismatic as always, but it fell a little flat.

Alaska gave true 90’s commercial, she was as crazy, and kooky as always with amazing jokes, and references. “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”, and “Stunning, fierce and yellow” had us and the judges gagged. Tatianna’s ad was fun, and cute but she didn’t quite go there with the shit-talking which caused the commercial to fail. She should have read her competitors instead, and cut some of the excess dialogue.

Alaska, and Katya are the top two for the week, while Tatianna, and of course Roxxxy are the bottom two. As everybody noted, it is the same top and bottom two as the second week. After a confusing strategy talk, the girls hit the runway ready to hear the elimination.

Katya, and Alaksa were both great in the ‘Cherry Bomb’ lip-sync with Katya just edging her out, but surprisingly Alaska won and chose to send Tatianna packing.


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