Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Episode 7 Ruview

We have made it to the penultimate episode, and with just one more challenge and elimination until our top four are announced, this episode is going to be a doozy!

Fresh off of last weeks controversial elimination, Katya reveals she had chosen Roxxxy to leave the competition, much to the shock of Alaska (but nobody else).

Once Ru enters the workroom, she makes it clear she won’t be the queens only guest for the day, as she introduces the family of each of the queens! Seeing the girls with their moms, sisters, and grandmother is a really touching moment and sets us up for our newest challenge: turning their family member into a drag superstar!

The emotions soon begin to flow as the estranged family members get to open after the queens have been cut off from communication for a month. Detox, and Alyssa both mourn the anniversary of their parents passing with their respective siblings, while Roxxxy, Alaska, and Katya on the flip side have positive moments with their family members.

We get a lot of back story from our queens, hearing childhood stories, struggles, and seeing their relationships with their families, that really makes us care about them even more.

Ru announces a second aspect of the weeks challenge: a duo vogue off between the queens and their new proteges. Oh, and Anastacia Beverly Hills gets a quick promo doing the mothers eyebrows.

On the mainstage regular judges RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Todrick Hall are joined by none other than our queen; Aubrey Plaza! P.S. Ru’s look wasn’t that flattering this episode.

Alyssa and her new daughter Ava slayed the voguing challenge. Obviously Alyssa is a professional dancer but her sister kept up impressively, and gave it her all. For the runway we loved that they walked purse first! We loved Ava’s make over, and the matching skirt and bra between the two was cute, but it was overall middle of the road.

Alaska and Hawaii were doing decently in the dancing, until Alaska pulled off an impressive horse head reveal that had us gagged! We actually loved their runway look! We get it was not great, and why she ended up in the bottom, but it was a decent effort! The inverted colours of the entire thing was super cute, and very Alaska, but the ‘HIEEE’ banner killed us.

Detox and D-Rama also performed wonderfully in the vogue battle, they looked flawless and performed with energy and personality. Their runway looks were superb! Detox kills the runway, and this episode her sister did too! The looks were out of the box, polished, and fun!

Katya and Svetlana were a mixed back in the vogue off. First off, they weren’t really voguing…secondly Katya killed the number while her mom kind of just dazed about. We loved everything about this runway performance. She rightfully deserved to win this week as the whole performance was kooky, silly, and fun, while adhering to the brief.

Roxxxy and Raquel were a little lacklustre in the dancing challenge but she’s with her grndmother so we can’t blame her! They looked super cute though. Roxxxy’s runway was a little uninspired, we fell like we’ve totally seen this before. Having said that, she had the hardest challenge of all with her grandma and totally turned it out!

The top two for the week were Detox and Katya, while the rest of the queens automatically fell into the bottom! In the deliberation Alaska had a complete breakdown, even offering money for her place in the competition.

After a sub-par lip sync to ‘Step It Up’ Detox won and revealed her lipstick which was not so shocking, as it was upsetting. She had picked Alyssa to leave, explaining Alaska had killed it consistently and that Roxxxy was her best friend. Even Ru was visibly displeased.

Immediately after the episode, fans were in a frenzy on Twitter over the Rolaskatox trio, and Alyssa’s “unfair” elimination. #TeamKatya quickly began trending as her fans disturbingly sent hate and death threats to the remaining top four.

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