Who Is CupcakKe?

Nicki Minaj better watch her neck as young rapper CupcakKe has taken the internet by storm with her viral rap videos.

The 19-year-old rapper, real name Elizabeth Harris, caused a storm in late 2015 when her song ‘Vagina’ made its way around the internet as fans loved it for its raunchy content, and freaky video.

What could have been a simple meme turned into the kickstart of a career for the young talent, who followed the song up with banger after banger. While her lyrics and visuals may cause shock, she is more than just a gimmick as her raps are actually well crafted, intelligent, and humorous while the production is sick and innovative.

Before long her thousands of allegiant fans flocked to her two independently released mixtapes, 2015’s Cum Cake and 2016’s Shelters to Deltas (S.T.D.) Both featured anthemic tracks ranging from hard beats, speed raps, and experimental styles that freely discuss sex and hard living with heart, comedy, and creativity.

Don’t get it twisted, not all of her songs are about the frivolities of sex. She swaps up styles with a tender ballad about the fickleness of a relationship, a freestyle detailing the extreme poverty of her childhood, brutal cuts explaining the abuse she suffered at the hands of family members and  a bounce track speaking on being a victim of sexual abuse

Born and raised in Chicago, CupcakKe began her rap career reciting self-penned poetry in her church, before mixing things up with the hardcore rap she is known for today. Her mom gave her $50 to book a studio session which eventually allowed her to quit her job shampooing hair to rap full-time.


Along with a legion of fans, her music has also been incredibly critically successful, gaining the attention of music publications such as Complex and Paper Magazine. Rolling Stone even labelled her sophomore mixtape as one of the best rap albums in 2016.

Don’t ask CupcakKe about her outrageous songs though, as she won’t put up with your sexist inclination. She states: “Guys say it all the time: ‘This bitch finna do this to me, this bitch finna do this, took it to my crib, blah blah blah, but when we do it, it’s just like, ‘You’re a female, act like a lady!’ Like no! It’s free! It’s being free. That’s how I look at it.”

At the moment, she pens all her own material, comes up with the treatments for her music videos, and markets and manages her own career. What is alluring about the star is the vast amount of raw talent she has to work with and how she pours it all into her creations without any airs or graces. She is unfiltered, uncaring, and unstoppable.

Her newest musical venture “Audacious” drops next week, 10/14/16. Make sure you check her out because we’re sure you’ll be seeing alot more of her soon.

Listen to her music HERE.

Watch her videos HERE.

Follow her Twitter HERE.

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