Why You Should Be Watching: The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

We just recommended you guys catch up with one hilarious web series but now we have another obsession for you to binge!

The new mini-series The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo comes from the mind of Brian Jordan Alvarez who also starred in and produced Go-Go Boy Interrupted.

Within the opening moments of the series, the unique tone of the show is laid out alluringly; mixing blithe ignorance with a grounded sense of realism. Immediately you have a sense of what the show has to offer, and who the main character is – if you get it, you get it and if you don’t you may as well stop watching now.

Between discussing the love for his 2 week fling turned long-distance relationship, desire for his straight best friend, and the meaningless hookups he is still enjoying, the complexities of the star, Caleb, are flawed yet entirely relatable for a gay audience.

The supporting characters of the show are each their own special creations;

Freckle is a standout as a genderfluid maverick with an off-kilter personality that is infectious and fascinating.

Lenjamin, a fellow homosexual, who for trendy reasons wants to become a bisexual, but struggles with the actual ‘having sex with a woman’ aspect.

Billy, the straight best friend of the group is a free spirit. Open to what life has to offer, and fairly laid back to what comes his way, he is instinctive and genuine.

Karen who as the only straight female in the cast is understandable bipolar. Forward, and unabashed with her opinions and emotions, she is anything but understated – and we live for it.

Benicio is the newest member of the gang but he seems a little too naive to be a permanent fixture in Caleb’s life.

There is totally a sense of surrealism around the show, but that only adds to the comedy, and Alvarez reigns it in just enough for the show to have a feeling of realism to it. The tone is similar to that of Girls, but the material is all original.

The technical aspects, including acting, writing, and directing are all top quality, and the storylines are well-crafted and authentic.

With just a five-episode season, averaging at 20-minutes a piece, it plays like a true television show, and the quality is right up there with network produced materials. We are still waiting on news for a second season though!

Our Verdict Is: As a web series this ranks among one of the best we’ve experienced. Brian Jordan Alvarez is a true talent, between his work here and on other projects, he is really one to watch as a rising star.

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