Project Runway Season 15 Episode 3: Review

We love a good runway challenge, and with the glow in the dark task our designers have been given, this episode is sure to wow.

The designers are all beginning to realise that there is no safe zone in this competition, and to succeed they must step up their game entirely.

Tim and Heidi are as cute as always, having a fun back and forth between themselves before dropping the lights, a hint to the next challenge: to create a garment that works both in blacklight and regularly.

Back in the work room the designers are joined by a number of neon products; highlighters, tape, paint etc. As well as blacklight torches, and a specially set up blacklight room! God it looks so fun!

Sherrianne James from glasses company ‘Transition Lenses’ *promo* enters to talk about the company as well as fill the designers in on their brief. Brothers sewing room also gets a quick *promo*.

The gang are each distinctly inspired by this new challenge during sketching, and in their visit to Mood are finding interesting materials to play with.

Mah-JIng FaceTimes his children given that its fathers day and has a teary breakdown which is kind of hilarious. This little piece of home didn’t help, as he had to scrap his entire dress by the decision of Tim. The tricky materials truly stretched our designers to their limits as many hit roadbloacks; second guessing themselves, switching out designs multiple times, and running out of time to finish.

We’re seeing alot of the same designers, both amazing and terrible while the few in the middle are continuing to fade into the background.

Heidi hits the runway looking real business-fish, and she is of course joined by Nina Garcia, and Zac Posen, as well as guest judge Jamie King, and mentor Tim Gunn.

The following designs are placed in our personal choice from best to worst:

Erin (Winner): Three episodes in and she is yet to fumble. Could Erin be our winner already? Her dress was absolutely stunning, and the transition was inspiring! Also, she created her own fabric which turned out to be gorgeous. She is a great designer and completely forward thinking.


Jenni (High): Jenni has always had strong concepts, and decent work but this is the standout piece that has elevated her to the next level. The idea to have the transparent outer garment with a hand painted design was flawless, and worked amazingly.


Cornelius (High): We loved this Kawaii, emoji-inspired look. He really displayed having his finger on the pulse of whats hot in society and executed it in an abstract fashion. His look definitely had the largest surprise element. He worked perfectly with styling and had cool ideas for the form of the dress.


Roberi (Safe): We were not a huge fan when we saw his hanging on the mannequin with its fraying trim exposed, but it provided us with one of the best blacklight looks. The layering worked perfectly, and the frayed cotton added amazing pops of colour. We’re sad he didn’t manage to slide into the top.


Sarah (Safe): We liked this look, it was sleek, chic, and sophisticated. Even after the blacklight it still had a sense of class, and elegance but she just didnt seem to push it far enough. This is clearly not a winning look, so why put it out there?


Nathalia (Safe): She got read continuously for her busy, space-age look in the work room but after hitting the runway she actually pulled it off. She rose to the challenge and displayed an interesting vision. She worked well with the material and created a decent look.


Dexter (Safe): Meh. The garment was a little too plain all in white, we could have done with a pop of colour somewhere, even if it was muted. The after look was just as bare. We could have done with a multicoloured fringe, it would have had us living; and make more sense with the clean begging look.


Alex (Safe): We really enjoted this dress, it was fun and well made. The after look was also decent, very bold and colourful but the transition was not large enough to elevate the garment in any kind of way.


Brik (Safe): Brik better have his bags packed, because he is not long for this competition. When his model hit the stage we were intrigued by the unusual craft of his garment, but when the light hit we were rightfully disappointed. There was just nothing there, it was pretty but eh.


Tasha (Safe): We had such high hopes for Tasha when we saw her catalogue of designs but she has yet to bring it in the competition. This look was a little messy, and muddled from start to finish. She definitely gave it a good go, but we’re just not feeling it.


Laurence (Safe): I mean it’s okay. The before look wasn’t great as it is, the blazer was decent but the shorts were far too hoochy mamma. The transition was also a little underwhelming. In fact the best part was the socks and hair tie that weren’t even parts of the garment! She’s lucky she had immunity.


Rik (Low): We can see why the judges hated this look, it was too busy and not well-planned. I actually didn’t mind the slits of the skirt, if it had been executed better – it could have been a fun, fashionable design!


Kimber (Out): Poor Kimber, she was really feeling herself with that dress, and the judges tore it to shreds. As a starter look it was actually decent, the pattern was fun and the cut was interesting. The after look was just not there, the glow didn’t work and that was paramount to the brief this week.


Mah-Jing (Low): This was terrible. In the daylight it’s tacky already. The pink was obviously an accident, but even the neckpiece was lacking, and the dress structure was boring. Heidi completely took the words out of my mouth saying that under blacklight it looked like a dirty bed spread.


Erin scored her second win of the season after constantly placing in the top, while Kimber was send home over Mah-Jing, as Heidi believed he had more to offer.

Our Verdict Is: We’re sad to see Kimber go but after Mah-Ling’s family feature today and her none-existent edit it was kind of obvious. She got super ghetto in her goodbye speech completely out of nowhere! We’re so done with Cornelius being the bitch of the competition quite frankly.  We love Jamie King as a guest judge, she really has a sense of knowledge and a no-nonsense attitude that we admire.

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