Project Runway Season 15 Episode 4: Review

We’re back, back, back, back, back again! With a few challenges under their belt, we know most of our designers by now, and the competition is heating up already.

The designers are each discussing the events of last week, with most bitter that Erin has had two wins.

With a swimwear challenge coming up, Tim hits the runway in a swimsuit! He and Heidi legit do not care anymore, and we’re here for it.

Heidi’s new swimwear line gets a little *promo* as does a print manufacturer, who will help the designers create their own pattern. The winners garment will be sold alongside Heidi’s line.

Creating the print looks super fun, but also quite difficult if you want to create something truly inspiring. As we watch our designers, we see how easily it is to over-design a pattern – yikes.

While they’re at Mood we start to wonder how much time the designers get to shop as they always seem to be sprinting around the store. Upon seeing their new textiles, most of the cast are loving them – except for Jenni. Her design is not what she had originally envisioned on the computer screen.

The majority of the designers are not well versed in creating bikinis, as was evident through Heidi’s trip through the workroom. So many of the designers were just awful! We really hope they bring it through for the finished product, but in the model fittings things go from bad to worse.

Heidi hits the runway in a strange green pleather concoction with matching thigh-high boots, and she joined by Nina Garcia, and Zac Posen, as well as guest judge Lucky Blue Smith, and mentor Tim Gunn.

The following designs are placed in our personal choice from best to worst:

Rik (Win): We were scared about this print being too clownish, but he really pulled off the look. The way he played with the graphics in different areas created a strong look overall. The cover-up was also cute and practical.


Erin (Safe):


Roberi (High): He created a really cool print that gave a great pattern on the swimsuit. The shape was flattering and  The cover up was cute, and simple.


Sarah (Out): We love this print so much, it looked great on the garment, and the model gave it an extra spark. The top was stunning, but the only issue was the pant which wasn’t as well-fitting as it could have been.


Dexter (Safe): He did himself well editing the look down alot, the cut was decent but he has a problem with the fit. The cover was the best part of the look, it was interesting and cool.


Nathalia (Safe): This is very basic. The top, pant, and cover all fit well, the pattern was decent, and the overall look was okay. We could have done with breaking the pattern a little, but this was a good ‘safe’ look.


Mah-Jing (Safe): A denim bikini, are you for real? Beside that awful decision, the outfit wasn’t too bad. It was well constructed in the back, and the bottoms fit well but it was nothing too crazy.


Alex (High): Is Heidi crazy? We really were not a fan of this look. The structure of the one piece was great, and the print was cool but together it didn’t work. The cover up was a little too matronly for us.


Brik (Safe): We’re kinda here for the sporty look, but that top gives his model a uniboob. The strings worked well, and the pattern was decent but nothing special. We can’t see Heidi selling this with her line. We didn’t really get the cover either.


Cornelius (Safe): On first look, this bathing suit is not too bad, but upon closer inspection the bikini is awful. The construction made the breasts look droopy.


Laurence (Safe): She’s really found her voice, immediately you could tell this was her look. The cover looked cool and edgy, but once she removed it things took a nose dive. The swimsuit made the model look larger in the waist than she was, giving no shape whatsoever. And that bullseye print looked like an infected


Jenni (Low): Poor Jenni. She really had a phenomenal design with all segments of the outfit, but the print just did not work. We loved the tear-away cover up, it was just a shame she had the colour fail.


Tasha (Low): Her print was soooo good, we has such high hopes upon seeing it. What could have been a truly inspired Caribbean look turned out to be a bust. The piped bottom, didnt work with the unpiped top, which did not fit well. The cover was beyond boring.


Rik took a chance and rightfully won while Sarah was sent packing.

Our Verdict Is: This episode was a mess. Nobody could get it together, and the amount of times we heard “I don’t make swimsuits” was completely frustrating!  If you know you’re coming on the show you should try creating different things, or have you never seen the show before?

We’re sad Sarah was deemed the worst, but given we didn’t really get much a sense of her personality through the edit; it’s not a great loss. We’re also tired of the steady stream of “safe” contestants week after week, they need to start cutting them over designers who make a mistake.

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