The Glass Closet: Garrett Clayton

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Garrett Clayton practically has one foot out of the glass closet already. Much like many of his “closeted” companions, Clayton isn’t hiding his sexuality as apposed to just not advertising it.

We first met the Disney cutie when he played lead in Teen Beach Movie, and while our gaydar pinged back then, we tend not to focus too deeply on teen stars sex lives. Now that he is making the transition into adult acting, he seems to care much less about his squeaky clean image.

Through his choice of roles, he has not shied away from playing gay, playing a gay love interest Ricky in The Real O’Neals, as well as a steamier role as gay porn star Brent Corrigan in King Cobra.

Now he seems to be spending most his evenings hitting the scene with openly gay Hollywood pals Atticus Lestrange, Scott Levenson, and fellow glass closet member Thomas Dekker. Take a look through who he follows on Twitter and it’s pretty much a whose who of gay Hollywood.

Check out his Instagram and you’ll see he isn’t hiding much with his love for selfies, posing, and perfectly quaffed hair. He’s a regular old Insta queen and we love him for that.

As well as his turn as famed porn star in King Cobra, Clayton will also be appearing in low budget horror Don’t Hang Up, and Hairspray Live later this year! We’re sure you’ll be seeing alot more of him soon.

Check out his interview for his upcoming gay film below.

4 thoughts on “The Glass Closet: Garrett Clayton

  1. You forgot Noah Galvin’s infamous interview about closeted actors. In it he mentions an unnamed guest star on “The Real O’Neals” who was shamelessly flirting with him and asked him out. However, the guest star in question was not out publicly. I wonder if it was Mr. Clayton he as referring to.


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