The X Factor 2016 Contestants: Ranked

The X Factor finals kick off again this weekend, and with the best judging panel in years, we have high hopes for this years competition!

With some controversial decisions, a few stand out personalities, and a whole lotta talent, the judges whittled down our hopefuls to just 12 contestants ahead of the live shows.

We decided to predict the elimination order by auditions alone, but as we all know by now – anything can happen during the live shows.

12: Saara Aalto


Saara Aalto is an enigma. She is talented for sure, but also an odd iteration of kooky that rubs viewers the wrong way. We’ve never had a contestant quite like her on the show, and we just can’t quite see the viewers understanding her schtick, I mean we kind of don’t get it either. An easy first cast off.

11: 5 After Midnight


After One Direction, we’re glad the show has finally given up on the copy and paste formula, and is giving a different type of group a chance. Their reggae/rap/90’s vibe is everything we need, and while the vocals are not there their moves and energy on stage is what we need. No doubt Louis will ruin them with terrible choices before they’re given an early boot.

10: Relley C


I loved Relley during her initial attempt on the show, and i’m so glad she’s back. While i’m sure she’ll light up the shows with her spunky chirpiness, i’m not sure viewers at home will get behind her blunt personality. She has an amazing talent but just not that special spark.

9: Ryan Lawrie


Typical white boy for the live shows, check. His style, his hair, his cute personality, and sweet voice that is in no way good enough for the competition; all of these things make him an easy cast off. Why he was put through other than to appease to 8-year-olds, we have no idea. After a few performances that you’ll swear are all exactly the same he’ll be given the boot.

8: Brooks Way


Aw, the cute twins. Louis is going to give them all his attention without a doubt. They’ll be reduced to two bubblegum babies, perfectly manufactured for grannies and kiddies alike to love. They’ll outstay their welcome and fall victim to Louis camp ideas.

7: Bratavio


We like Bratavio. Of course troops of haters will come out and vent their frustration over a novelty act, but this is X Factor and they do it every year so embrace it or go. They’re fun, they’re harmless, and they’re sure to bring everything to their performances. We need a little something different during the show.

6: Freddy Parker


Honestly, Freddy isn’t that great. In certain instances he’s amazing, but he’s just not versatile enough for this competition. We’re sure he’ll get the granny vote, and having Nicole as a mentor will do him wonders, but nobody will remember him at the conclusion of each show.

5: Honey G


Another “joke” act, X Factor seem to really be pushing Honey G. From her elimination, and shocking return to the ten minute segments, they want her to do well to keep the audience and social media entertained. She’s honestly like a walking sketch show character, and we think her out of the box personality will get viewers behind her in a Rylan Clarke kind of way.

4: Sam Lavery


Simon has been paying special attention to Sam. She has the raw talent for sure, but Simon seems to want to mould her to his evil designs. She’ll kill the shows week after week, but we see her tabloid dramas overshadow her abilities.

3: Matt Terry


He is undoubtedly the push to win this year. So bland and unimaginative that he will sail through the competition like so many before him. Fans will most likely get sick of him but an unknown force will keep him voted through week after week.

2: Gifty Louise


Gifty Louise looks like the should be winner, which means of course she won’t be. She will actually be the most talented, and most capable of becoming a star with the judges praising her vocals, and stage presence for fifteen minutes after each performance. Fans will be distraught after her loss causing Simon to sign her, before swiftly dropping her.

1: Emily Middlemass


Here she is, our X Factor winner. Harmless enough that everyone will enjoy her, but not unique enough to actually be able to sell as an artist. She’ll jump right into place as Simons puppet for each week and in doing so he’ll give her the title.

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