The X Factor Live Show Week 1: Review

We’ve been so excited for this years live shows in hopes for a Wildcard twist that sadly didn’t come. Instead we got a suspended act, drunken judges, and a whole lotta meh performances.

We open with the cheesy dancers, which Dermot of course half heartedly joins in with, and he says all his famous lines – it’s almost as if he never left! (Well, was fired for a year)

The judges come out and Sharon looks amazing in her McQueen-like gown, and Nicole looks half robot, which we are living for. The boys are in suits, obvi. It’s not long before the banter begins, and its as family-friendly and scripted as ever.

The theme of the night is “express yourself”, always an odd theme to be honest. We’ll see what goes down. Before we begin, The Brooks Boys will not be performing for mysterious reasons – spoiler alert its because of allegation of assault & threatening behaviour towards one of their exs. Not so sweet now are they?

The following acts are ranked from my personal best to worst:

Relley C

She comes across amazingly in her VT, really natural, funny, and passionate. We love ‘Shackles’ so much, and she really goes for it. Vocally she does really well, and she has a bit of pep on the stage but its a little regular until she breaks out into a rap! Then the key change follows and she steals the show. Yas!

Gifty Louise

We love her VT, she’s cute, honest, and down to earth but already we have a sob story in the works. Next. After a few warm up acts, the real star is here. The show has finally shifted gears all thanks to Gifty. We’re obsessed. All the judges give her a standing ovation, but Nicole has an odd criticism that we don’t quite understand.

Matt Terry

Matt’s VT is average, just as we were expecting. He’s fairly decent looking but not enough to rely on that alone Jake Quickenden. He’ll have to get a personality soon. He sings ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and does a fairly good job, but comes across as grossly cocky, especially with that unbuttoned shirt – ew. That high note was dope though. He just needs to chill on the permatan.

Honey G

They’re really setting Honey G up to go far, giving her the illustrious finale spot, and getting the audience both in the studio and at home involved. To be honest, it’s for good reason – her VT was the most entertaining of the night. She really did what she was there to do, she got the crowd going, the judges on their feet. It was fun, and entertaining and that’s what we want on a Saturday night.

Sam Lavery

She seems a little annoying, and full of herself in VT. She does well in her ‘Impossible’ performance, showing off her vocals and feeling herself in the amateur dramatics of it all. We get the “only 17” phrase three times, and everybody praised her growth, she is one to lead the pack. She had a few issues with finding the key, but her determination was there.

5 After Midnight

They’re as cheesy and family friendly in their VT as we had imagined. During the ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ performance, they’re visibly nervous looking to one another for support which doesn’t quite fit their “cool” vibe. Their whole urban set and styling just seems a little disjointed from their wholesome personalities. They did well enough and are a good kick off for the show. The judges loved it, and Nicole is as fun as ever.

Freddie Parker

We’re so annoyed with this “i’m a normal person!” palarva from all the contestants. Plus, we’re not really buying it with this obnoxiously posh boy. He went from going to sing an upbeat ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ to a piano version of ‘Killing Me Softly’, he does well but the real question is, which way does he swing?

Saara Aalto

Talk about dramatics, what the hell was this? We loved that she sang our fave ‘Let It Go’. Her vocals were great but had an odd tone that threw off the song now and then. The judges gave her super praise, but Idina Menzel can rest easily.

Ryan Lawrie

Ryan opens up about being “normal”, and dating fellow contestant Emily, wow, amazing, great. If he didn’t already look like a One Direction cast off he sings one of their songs, ‘Perfect’, which he handles not so perfectly. He’s as vanilla as we expected, but the judges adored him.

Emily Middlemass

We predicted Emily as the dark horse of the competition, and clearly Simons up to his old tricks; giving her a solo segment and sandwiching her between ‘joke’ acts Bratavio and Honey G to give her chance to shine, hmmmm.  She was sweet and nice, but kinda boring even when she “went for it”, but the judges acted as though she everything.


Louis is in his element with these boys, they’re sweet and fun and up for doing THE MOST. Coming out all the pieces are there, the production, the cheesy songs, the outfits but we didn’t get our life quite as much as we had hoped. Nicole clearly did however, and that’s good enough for us.

Well thats it for a kind of lacking first show, some were decent but theres nobody yet we’re truly rooting for, and the fans online have also agreed. We’ll see what happens, and if there will be any #drama tomorrow night!

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