Alaska Thunderfuck / Poundcake: Review

Fresh off of her All Stars 2 win, it was no doubt another killer album would be soon to follow – and Alaska delivered.

Her past album has done her well as she rose to prominence of one of the most commercially successful drag queens in recent years, and she has done it again with another amazing record!

Track-By-Track Review:

The T

This is the epitome of Alaska, her lyrics are revealing, heavy, and crafted to perfection. For fans of Drag Race, this is a killer tracks that truly spills the tea. She name checks everyone from Sharon Needles, to The AAA Girls, to All Stars 2. It’s fun and whimsical but deep and introspective synonymously.

Let’s Do Drag

This mindless cut has a thumping beat, and lyrics that are simple and repetitive that even the most intoxicated of club goers will be able to slur along to. It’s techno style is fun, and infectious, Lady Red’s feature was hilariously off-kilter but what more did we expect? Despite having no discernible lyrics, much like Adore, she really gets the track kicking.


This spoken-word piece is a tale of the creation behind a perfect robot drag queen, the shoutouts to previous Drag Race alumni’s greatest assets. Violet Chachki’s waist, Naomi Smalls legs, Bianca and Bob’s humour, etc. The chorus is cute, but overall it’s a little lacking of a track, but we’re sure Alaska will do something amazing with it live.


We love when Alaska raps, and this is her first shot this time around. She does well, but the highlight is the crazy mix of beats in the breakdown, followed by the occasional ‘STUN’. Gia’s involvement in the song is amazing, her chorus is fun and full of #TeamTooMuch sensibilities, and her own catchphrases throughout. She really steals the track.


The first glimpse we received at Alaska’s new album, the song is one of the highlights full of fun melodies, lyrics, and true Alaska vocals. The video itself is amazing too, and a great opener for her new era of music superstardom.

“O, Brasil”

Just an opening to the Come to Brazil, this was kind of a skipper.

Come To Brazil

Alaska has a talent for adding hilarious, silly pop culture references into her music. The constant “come to Brazil” comments that all pop stars receive has always been joked about, but who else would make a song out of it other than our favourite drag queen. Jokes aside, we love the simple lyrics, spoken word moments, and crazy production.

Diamond in the Rough

Every now and then in her albums, Alaska demonstrates a true pop skillfulness as she presents a track without the comedy and kooky vocals that kills. This is a pop banger, that would seamlessly blend into any chart listing, without knowing it were a “drag” track.


This is a sweet little track. Alaska takes it down a peg after a mirage of crazy dance beats, with a softer love song. It’s a nice melodic addition but definitely a filler track rather than a single.


We love instructional dance songs; one-two step, cha cha slide. This is a great version that will get every queen to the dance floor ASAP to follow Alaska’s lead. We’re also obsessed with the fact that Miss. Fame features purely to make chicken noises, honestly a visionary innovation in pop music.

Race Chaser

Did Alaska really go country? She’s coming for Gaga’s wig in this one. The funniest thing about her transition to country, is that it’s genuinely quite good! It’s silly, but it’s euphonious, and mellifluent. Alaska is super cute with a faux country accent, we’re so here for it!

I Invented That

Teaming up with legendary New York queen, this track pays lip service to Jackie Beat, and the queens that preceded Drag Race. This is one of those tracks that made to be performed live. It’s ludicrous but great fun. This is the closest to her previously most popular tracks to be performed in clubs on the new record.

It Is What It Is

There’s something strangely enticing about this track. The entire lyrics are made up of the title but it’s enchanting and relaxing. With how hard she kicked off the record with The T, having this soft, simple track as a closer is a complete 180.

Listen on Spotify HERE.

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