The X Factor Live Show Week 2: Review

We’re back for another week, and after our first (fairly predictable) elimination and a (not so shocking) disqualification, we are ready for the ‘Mowtown’ theme.

The cast of the musical Mowtown: The Musical, opened the show and it was way better than Dermot flailing around next to dancers for a few minutes. Although it totally upstaged half the contestants.

The following acts are ranked from my personal best to worst:

Saara Aalto

We’re a sucker for this song, lets say that. So satching Saara we were living! She seriously killed it, she gave it all she has, and her vocals were killer! We didn’t even notice she was dancing because she did it so naturally (unlike the majority of contestants). Her energy was high, and her performance was everything! Completely turned it around, we hope the public save her this week!

Matt Terry

Matt’s VT literally turned him into the Peter Kay character “doing it for our nan”, however he killed it once again. So far he’s the front runner in the competition. He was cool, confident, and sexy but we can’t shake the feeling of douchebaggery surrounding his aura.

Sam Lavery

After a hectic performance last week, Sam really came into her own this week as she had full control over the song. Her voice sounded more natural in the deeper tone she chose to display, but things got a little shakier when she went for the high notes. Overall she’s in the top, but her personality needs to be worked on a little.

5 After Midnight

We actually really like these boys, they’re simple and fun and inoffensive. This weeks was a little too cheesy for our tastes, but they an interesting group that deserves a chance through the show. The vocals were sweet, and the dance moves while cheesy were good!

Relley C

Relley was our top pick last week, and she did us proud once again tonight! We’re glad the judges are actually supporting her properly. Her vocals were great, as was her stage presence – and the added bonus of a full choir elevated the performance. As a native to her hometown Birmingham we’re super proud of her.

Gifty Louise

Gifty started so strong this week, she captured our attention from the beginning but then we got a little bored. She was vocally great, and tried to throw a little dancing into the mix, but the song choice was terrible. We’re hoping for better next week.

Freddie Parker

Freddie is here for his redemption after falling into the bottom three last week. The song seemed a little too big for his vocal type, but he performed it well and looked like he was having alot of fun in the process. We’re more certain than last week that he may be on our team, so he’s getting all five of our votes regardless.

Four Of Diamonds

One of the controversial groups to be cut replaced Brooks Brothers, but while we’re glad they’re back and they were vocally great – they were a little boring. The girls clearly think being loud equals personality as they screamed all throughout the VT. Once again they tell us who is who – what is it with each member of a group having to own a demential monicker?

Emily Middlemass

We were not a huge fan of Emily last week but she redeemed herself this time around. Sort of. It was cute, and she she had great moments, but there was alot of wobbles and vocal cracks throughout. Her sweet charm is sure to carry her through though.

Honey G

Honey G got another solo segment with ‘Mummy G’, which seems a little bias. Her novelty wore off last week, and it’s kind of embarrassing now, coming from somebody who uses dies for joke acts. The show is trying too hard this year to create her into a popular figure. Her performance was pretty much a repeat of last week with a different backing track.

Ryan Lawrie

We’re honestly sick of Emily and Ryan’s relationship already. We still don’t get why Ryan’s here, he’s not as good as Matt, or Freddy – or a number of contestants who were left at judges houses. Part of us thinks it may just be to gain popularity for Emily – who Simon is desperately trying to make a thing this year. His song was ‘meh’.

The second live show is done and dusted, and we kind of see now why Strictly is killing in the ratings! The crop of contestants this year of totally lacklustre – minus a few – the judges are a little too over the top rather than actually judging, and offering feedback and the show is trying desperately to cling to its viewership which is a little cringy.

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