Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Finale Ruview

Two months certainly flew by with our favourite queens battling it out to be crowned as the second All Star, but with four of our strongest ever queens, it’s a tough race!

Alaska has been one of the most successful Ru girls since her time on the show who slayed the challenges, Katya is an undoubtable fan favourite who gained vocal social media support, Detox owned the runway but her time on screen was sadly limited, and Roxxxy was there too.

We’re totally kidding, sure she doesn’t exactly excel in the challenges, but she’s a phenomenal queen outside of the show who creates all of her own flawless looks.

Fresh off of Alyssa’s “shocking” elimination, both Katya and Alaska are in agreement that Roxxxy should have been the one to go. The girls also discuss Alaska’s dramatic meltdown, and tensions flare as they’re all in it to win at this point.

Michelle Visage enters the work room for the first time this season to provide the girls with their final challenge: write their own rap verse, and perform it on the main stage with choreography and production as a girl group!

The girls each also feature on Ru’s podcast What’s The Tee? *promo*. Alaska is queried about Rolaskatox which causes her to have another mini-freak out with her friends as she realises the final four parallels to Season 5.

The four-way rap performance is instantly iconic! Each of the girls killed it; Alaska is obviously talented at comedic lyrics, Detox is a seasoned rapper with great lyrics, Katya is kooky, and out of the box, and Roxxxy smashed it despite some fan backlash, if production had done a better job at her autotuned segment she would have been up there with the other girls.

The final four hit the stage in their glamorous finale gowns; Detox was soft, and absolutely stunning, she radiated beauty. Katya’s dress wasn’t well received, but it was interesting and eye-catching, Alaska looked totally glamorous, and Roxxxy gagged us with her see-through crystalled eleganza.

The judges critique the girls overall performance in the show which proves to us why these girls made the final, and Ru shed’s an almost believable tear over his pride. The girls all give their speeches, and while there is an element of genuine sincerity in each, they all have fun with it!

After the first judges deliberation of the season, it’s pretty evident who isn’t making the final three – and just like that Roxxxy is sent sashaying away.

Detox, Alaska, and Katya are left to lip sync ‘If I Were Your Woman’, and it’s a pretty tight race. Seconds later the winner, and second queen to be named an all star is: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000!

Our Verdict Is: We are thrilled that Alaska won! Though Katya was the clear fan favourite via social media, Alaska has performed the best out of the queens both in and out of the show. She truly deserves it! The whole season has been one to remember with amazing queens, twists, and challenges that we won’t soon forget.

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