Kick Start Your Year With These Irresistable Calendars

2016 is now insurmountable as being perhaps the worst year in recent history, with many feeling down after questionable political decisions, the passing of far too many legends, and other unthinkable tragedies…Harambe anyone? The best way to kick the new year off in style is by owning one of these stunning calendars.

We’ve narrowed down the best of the best for any little homo to plan out their fresh year.

Violet Chachki


Miss Violet Chachki is self-described as very visually appealing. A member of drag royalty, she is infamous for her beauty and jaw-dropping aesthetics. Her 2017 calendar is the perfect mix of her latex obsession, and pin up sensibility resulting in a beautiful piece of work.

Purchase here.

Red Hot


After a well received reception last year with their debut calendar, the boys are back for another outing. Photographed by Thomas Knights and Elliott James Frieze this scorching hot calendar features the hottest ginger men from across the globe to showcasing why red heads should not be underestimated.

Purchase here.

Warwick Rowers


A staple for every year, the Warwick Rowers are back again with another nude celebration. While the calendar may be a cheeky glimpse at the lads, they are always more than willing to bare all in the behind the scenes images. These were the first of many to turn to the gay community to raise funds for their student rowing club as well as charitable initiative Sport Allies which aims to fight homophobia in sports and to raise awareness and support for LGBTQ athletes.

Purchase here.

Orthadox Priests: P.I.L.F edition


P.I.L.F, if you are not aware stands for ‘Priests I’d Like To Fuck’,  and honestly after browsing through these images we’re sure you’ll be uttering that phrase alot! Once again these Romanian men are pushing the boundaries of religion and sexuality further with their latest yearly offering. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Orasul Meu, a local NGO focused on providing health care for disadvantaged youth living with HIV across Eastern Europe. God bless these men.

Purchase here.

Kylie Jenner


When we heard Kylie Jenner was working with Terry Richardson on a calendar, we knew we were in for something mind-bending. The cool/bizarre/possibly sexy collection of images are something we would love to wake up to every day. Kylie is really proving herself to be an up-and-coming personality ready to snatch her sisters spotlight.

Purchase here.

Always Loyal


Inspired by a chapter in his 2014 book, Bare Strength, which featured wounded amputee Marines, celebrated photographer Michael Stokes has created an entire photographic volume dedicated to U.S. Gulf War veterans. His 2017 calendar features a dozen of the best snaps to come from this book in a truly stunning collection.

Purchase here.



Coitus Magazine is in a word: dope. It’s cool, edgy, sexy, and youthful. They have a strong aesthetic, and if you’re down with it you’ll love this calendar. It also helps that their selection of models is stunning, and their visual choices are beautiful.

Purchase here.

Paul De Dona



Paul De Dona is a London-based photographer who has taken his talent across the globe, snapping intimate pictures of men from many origins. Heading to Barcelona he whittled his selection down to just 12 beautiful men for his debut calendar! The perfect mixture of sex and sophistication, we’re sure you will love his work – and his models.

Purchase here.

Austin Armacost


While he may have hit the scene in 2010 during his stint on the brief reality show The A-List: New York, it was not until 2015 that he truly stole our hearts as a sweet American hunk when he came runner up on Celebrity Big Brother. Famed for his adorable bromance with James Hill, he is the gift that keeps giving, especially when he strips down for his annual calendar.

Purchase here.

Ben Cohen


Since coming out in 2011 Ben Cohen has become one of the most formidable faces in the UK gay community. Cohen was a pioneer in becoming an LGBT sporting icon, and his fanbase has only grew since his decision to come out publicly. His calendars are a sell out each year, including 2017!

Purchase here.

Haikus On Hotties


This calendar mixes beauty and brains. It is not very often that Asian men are pushed front and centre in a celebration of their hotness in a predominantly caucasian gay culture. No fats, fems, and Asians is sadly a regularly used phrase in the community, so were glad there is an outlet for these stunning men. The cute poems are just a bonus.

Purchase here.

Dieux du Stade


Dieux du Stade, which translates to ‘Gods of the Stadium,’ dates all the way back to 2001 but as their popularity has grown the French men have provided more and more of themselves in steamy trailers and behind the scenes bonuses. It features nude imagery of members of Stade Français, a Paris-based rugby team but has opened up to other sporting hunks such as judo, handball and mixed martial arts.

Purchase here.

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