Who Is Adam Ellis?

If, like me, you find yourself procrastinating on the internet for hours on end, it is entirely possible you have stumbled upon this artists work without even noticing.

Since 2010, 29-year-old comic artist Adam Ellis has been sharing his work online, starting on a humble blog BooksOfAdam. The Portland, Oregon native slowly built a steady fanbase and was soon picked up by Buzzfeed as a regular contributor and made his way to New York.


He released his debut book in 2013 entitled The Blunder Years, a collection of essays that detailed the life of a young man trying to get is life together while facing an ordeal of humorous obstacles and challenges. Based on his now popular blog, the book is a strong choice for an easy, hilarious read.


With hyper-relatable comic strips, especially for gay millennials, Ellis is now a pseudo-celeb in his own right, amassing just under a million followers across his social media, with a loyal gay fanbase his signature illustrations reaches thousands.

Making the most of his new found fame, Ellis debut a comedy podcast Better Friendship Through Podcasting with friend Kristin Rossi where they discuss different topics in a casual but amusing manner.


The young entrepreneur is now onto his next exciting project, which is shrouded in just a little mystery – he has begun teasing a new set of comic characters for an unknown piece of work.


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