Where Are They Now? The Stars Of One Tree Hill

Do you ever lay awake at night and think to yourself: “I wonder what the cast of One Tree Hill are doing with their lives?” No? Maybe that’s just me then, but I decided to catch up with them and share what they have been up to in the years since our favourite teen show!

With a nine season run, and surviving the shutting down of a tv station, One Tree Hill changed alot from the five teens worrying about who liked who, and who would win the basketball game. By the end the gang shared a wealth of successful careers, five kids, three marriages, and a whopping turnover of 21 main characters.

Chad Michael Murray


(Season 1 – Season 6)

Failing to navigate a successful movie career, Murray appeared in blockbuster flops A Madea Christmas, Left Behind, and The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia. After a few made-for-tv movies and a failed pilot he dipped back into television with main roles on Chosen, and the now cancelled Agent Carter, as well as appearing in guest spots on Scream Queens, Southland, and Texas Rising.

Following his high profile divorce to Sophia after cheating with House Of Wax co-star Paris Hilton, the actor got engaged to actress Kenzie Dalton, who played on extra on One Tree Hill. The pair ended their engagement after seven years in August 2013. He then dated co-star, Nicky Whelan, whom he met on set of Left Behind, for seven months. Now he’s happily married to his co-star from US show Chosen, Sarah Roemer. Honestly, it’s no wonder he doesn’t work that much anymore, his wife is probably petrified of him banging another co-star!

He and wife Roemer now have a son, but have kept him far out of the limelight, just like Chad himself!

James Lafferty

James Lafferty

(Season 1 – Season 9)

James Lafferty was just 17-years-old when he was first cast for One Tree Hill, little did he know at this point that he had already peaked in his career. Hopefully those residual cheques are still coming in, as work has dried up a little for this former teen crush.

Since the show went off air in 2012, Lafferty has had little luck with roles in two quickly cancelled shows Crisis and Underground. He has dabbled a little behind the scenes as director for two episodes of the scripted E! show The Royals. (P.S. if you tweet him about the episodes he’ll totally respond, it seems to be all he’s doing at the moment.)

Perhaps 2017 will be his year as he’s landed a role in movie Small Town Crime alongside Octavia Spencer, that’s…exciting.

Hilarie Burton


(Season 1 – Season 6)

A hipster before hipsters were even a thing, Hilarie Burton played moody teenager Peyton in the teen show and with her often one-note acting it’s quite surprising that she’s actually done pretty well for herself since the show.

A pretty lowkey girl, Burton has had television success with a recurring turned main role on White Collar until 2013. Since then she has worked steadily with roles on shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Hostages, and Extant.

Despite this slow burning success, Burton has an affinity for starring in Lifetime and Hallmark Original Movies. Not a stretch of her acting skills, but get that coin girl! Nonetheless this girl can do no wrong as at the end of the day she is married to everyones crush Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so she wins by default.

Bethany Joy Lenz


(Season 1 – Season 9)

With such an iconic role as Marnie Potts in the critical, cultural and commercial masterpiece Bring It On 2, anything Joy Lenz had to follow would never quite match up with her initial success.

Though her largest role to date has been a small arc on Dexter in 2013, she has done well in picking up parts here and there across shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and American Gothic. She currently holds a recurring role on USA Networks Colony.

Any Tree Hill fan who bopped along to her international banger ‘Halo’ during the show will be pleased to know that she is still making music! Honestly though how odd was that Haley is a rockstar storyline? Though her last album Your Woman was released in 2013, she has had two EP’s since – including a Christmas special – sleigh me queen.

Sophia Bush


(Season 1 – Season 9)

There is always one actor of a popular series that sky rockets to actual Hollywood success. While ‘sky rockets’ may be a bit of a stretch, she is totally the Jennifer Aniston of this group. After a mediocre movie career with underrated gems like John Tucker Must Die, Chalet Girl and Stay Aliveshe found success back on television as badass detective Erin Lindsay on Chicago Fire… and Chicago P.D. … and Chicago Med. Honestly, how many of those shows are they planning on making. Either way, our girl looks to be safe in her career

As well as finding success in her tv career, the beautiful actress has help share a few beauty tips by co-founding her own successful product line ‘I Smell Great’, though the products are a little pricey.

A fierce activist, she is a face of ‘thegirlproject’. She always speaks out publicly about feminism, poverty, race, gay, and human rights. She is a beacon of love and positivity, and her social media is truly one to keep up with.

Paul Johansson

AMA Gifting Suite - Arrivals

(Season 1 – Season 8; Season 9)

It is true to say that Johansson’s career wasn’t exactly poppin’ before One Tree Hill but surely starring as a charismatic villain alongside a crop of young teens for nine years get’s you somewhere in Hollywood, right? The answer in a word is no.

Since departing as kind of annoying, pushy-dad turned brother-killing psychopath Johansson has had guest roles in CSI, Criminal Minds, and Mad Men. He took a turn in directing Atlas Shrugged: Part I but did not return to direct the second part, or anything else again.

While his on screen life may have been cut short, it is off screen where the real drama seems to be happening. The mother to his young son filed a restraining order against the actor after a sketchy altercation and he hit back by alleging she gave the boy sleeping pills. That mixed with a Buzzfeed slam piece outing him as an alleged sex pest, and we’re starting to see where he channeled his characters evil persona. Yeesh.

Moira Kelly


(Season 1 – Season 4)

Kelly was the shit prior to Tree Hill due to her role as Mandy Hampton on The West Wing, but since leaving the show in 2009 she has starred in two tv movies and one episode of Drop Dead Diva. I guess a decade on one of America’s most prestigious shows means you can pick and choose your work. Can you guess which of the two shows we mean there?

Craig Sheffer


(Season 1 – Season 3)

Sheffer has been working consistently since the 80’s here, there, and everywhere. From starring alongside the likes of Brad Pitt, Steven Segal and Emilio Esteves, to providing the voice for the Teen Wolf animated series he’s pretty much done it all.

After his turn as way too nice, kind of glad he died uncle Keith, he has continued a rather bland but beating career ever since with a high number bit roles on television and in movies.

Barbara Alyn Woods


(Season 1 – Season 4; Season 6)

Literally what a queen crazy Deb was. After an uncertain start as the kind of bitchy but caring mother of Nathan Scott, her character soon found her footing upon becoming a balls to the walls crazy grandma with a penchant for younger men and a slight drinking problem. Since the show Woods has had guest roles in our favourite shows Desperate Housewives and The Goldbergs, but nothing major.

Barry Corbin

AFI FEST 2014 Presented By Audi - "The Homesman" Premiere

(Season 1 – Season 4)

Whitey was loved by everyone, wise and a hard ass, he was the grandfather figure everyone needed. Corbin seems to be that exact same person as it is a role he plays over and over as an authoritative Texan figure. With over 100 movie, television and video game credits, at the age of 76 his career is still blooming. With spots on show Dallas, Blood And Oil, and The Ranch, it’s safe to say he’s sticking to his niche roles.

Lee Norris

2012 Winter TCA Tour - Day 9

(Season 3 – Season 9)

He may not have been bumped up to the main cast until season three, but mouth is a true alumni of the show in our eyes. Since leaving the beloved character behind he has picked up a past character starring as his childhood character Stuart Minkus again on the spin off Girl Meets World. He also scored a role in Gone Girl, nice!

Antwon Tanner


(Season 4 – Season 9)

Obviously The CW don’t pay too well as in 2009 Tanner was arrested for transferring Social Security card with intent to defraud. He plead guilty to selling over a dozen Social Security numbers for $10,000. Despite this the producers kept him on until the end of the series, and he has since racked up over a whopping seventeen projects since departing the show!

Danneel Harris


(Season 4)

#JusticeForRachelGatina. Despite being one of the best characters to grace this show, Rachel was criminally phased out after the post season four time jump, after another iconic return in season seven she was once again unceremoniously written out in an emotionally cruel exit. Never forget our true queen.

Since the show she starred in show Friends with Benefits, guest starred in Retired At 35, and continues her recurring role in the Harold and Kumar movies. Oh, and she married hottie Jensen freaking Ackles, and had three children, so Harris won in the end.

Jackson Brundage


(Season 5 – Season 9)

An adorable, and hilarious edition in season five, toward the end run of the series Brundage’s Jamie Scott began to transition into the annoying child territory. The kid found his correct audience after the show however, starring in two Nickelodeon shows See Dad Run and Harvey Beaks. Believe it or not Naley’s son is now 15-years-old, and posting slightly cringey selfies on Instagram. Check it out for yourself.

Lisa Goldstein


(Season 6 – Season 9)

Goldstein starred as Brookes adorkable/annoying personal assistant Millicent Huxtable who defined bae goals with Mouth, and had an unusual turn as bitchy, coke head model for a hot minute. Choices!

Much like Moira Kelly, Goldstein has starred in one episode of Drop Dead Diva anddddddd that its! She did get married, and a have a child though and that’s something, right?

Austin Nichols


(Season 7 – Season 9)

Nichols originally began his role as the adorable Julian Baker to spend more time with his then partner Sophia Bush. The two broke up, obviously, but they still played the most loveable couple on the show. Sorry bout it Naley shippers.

Nichols has gotten around since the show with roles in Miley Cyrus’ LOL, and undercover tv hit Ray Donavon, but his largest success is of course his new role in The Walking Dead. Didn’t you just freak out when you saw him hit the screen last season! Oh, he’s also been perturbed by gay rumours with Jake Gylenhaal for years, we wish!

Robert Buckley


(Season 7 – Season 9)

Literally the most boring character on the show, he had a dead wife, a stalker, and a child he blocked out of his memory, and was still boring! His relationship with Quinn was a constant snoozer, and he wasn’t even that cute! What a waste!

Since the show his career has been fairly successful. He jumped straight to ABC series 666 Park Avenue, then after that cancellation Hart of Dixie, and then iZombie, and now has an upcoming series Dimension 404 with ex-girlfriend Lea Michele. I guess some studios like actors with zero charisma.

Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten

(Season 7 – Season 9)

Something about VanSanten’s generically pretty face made me not quite click with her character, also the fact that she was a hipster photographer didn’t help matters.

When she first appeared on the show things were looking good, she had a role in The Final Destination, which yes a fourth sequel to a B-horror movie franchise is a big success for a CW actor. Since departing things have slowed down just a little. She has had large roles in The MessengersGang Related, and The Flash, but nothing has quite seem to stick. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her new show The Shooter, or not – who cares?

Jana Kramer

ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp Cookout with Jana Kramer

(Season 7 – Season 9)

Alex Dupre was the spirit of Rachel Gatina back on our screens. Stereotyped as a dumb and promiscuous Hollywood starlet, she was smart, and strong, and sensitive. She was one of the more interesting batch of newbies that were brought in to fill the void left by Lucas and Peyton, but the show runners never seemed to allow her character to fully shine, often relegating her to the background.

Since the show she has given acting the boot and instead focuses on her true passion, singing country music? Not exactly what we envisioned from her but with the amount of awards she has been nominated for she must be somewhat decent! She also made it all the way to the finals of Dancing With The Stars! Get it girl!

Stephen Colletti


(Season 8 – Season 9)

Remember thinking to yourself: “hold up, why is Stephen from Laguna Beach on One Tree Hill?” because we still ask ourselves that to this day. It is very rare that reality stars get actual character roles on tv shows, cameos perhaps but Colletti actually succeeded in bagging a six year stint! Four recurring, and two starring. Although why he had a starring role for the little he did is anybodies guess.

Since the show he has accomplished…very little. Come on, you didn’t expect lightning to strike twice did you? To be fair he has had a small role on Hit The Floor, and quite a few low budget movie roles. Still work is work.

Tyler Hilton


(Season 9)

Was Tyler Hilton a famous singer in the states before Tree Hill? Or was this supposed to be the making of him, because between his character Chris Keller, and the non-fictional turned fictional tour i’m still super confused with him.

Since the show he’s continued his music, releasing a few albums and had a recurring role on Extant, much like Hilarie Burton!

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