Tyler Posey’s Masturbation Video Leaks

Star of Teen Wolf, and all around hottie, Tyler Posey’s naughty snapchat videos have leaked online to nobodies surprise, but everybody’s joy.

The leading man, who was previously in a messy relationship with Bella Throne, has always been a fan of stripping down. On his social media, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and even award shows opposite his once on-screen mother J-Lo, he has never been shy in showing off his body.

After years of fans lusting after the star, they have finally seen everything the Hollywood star has to offer as x-rated clips were released of the actor online by an anonymous source.

The hunk currently stars as Scott McCaw on MTV’s Teen Wolf, as well as Gordon Greenleaf in the recently released movie Yoga Hosers.

2 thoughts on “Tyler Posey’s Masturbation Video Leaks

  1. Actually, it’s Scott McCall not McCaw.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Mr. Posey is a big old closet case? At first, I didn’t think so, with all of his recent antics, I question his heterosexuality more and more. From his “I’m gay!” joking reveal on instagram last year to the fact that he was engaged to a girl he’d been with since he was 12 and then broke up with her without explanation, this certainly fits a pattern for the modern-day closeted celebrity. Even the way he plays with his penis in these “leaked” dick pics makes me think more and more he bats for or team. Anyone else think that too?


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