Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Gossip Girl

It’s almost hard to believe we haven’t heard an XOXO in five years! While there are no more gossip blasts coming from an online source, we’ve decided to catch up with our favourite Upper East Siders to see where they are today.

Who is the new queen B? Who has fallen from grace? and what ever happened to the person behind Gossip Girl? Read all about it below – XOXO

Blake Lively

Image: "Mr. Turner" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

(Season 1 – Season 6)                                                                                       Serena Van Der Woodsen

By the time Gossip Girl began winding down Lively was already set for success in her post tv starlet life. Her lifestyle brand was in its inception, running semi-smoothly until closing for rebuilding in 2015. Despite this stumble, she married actor Ryan Reynolds and birthed two children, becoming a fully-fledged power couple in Hollywood. The pair are rarely out of the magazines, and her fashionable roots clearly made an impact as she always tops the best dressed list.

Her celebrity status aside, Lively has been continuing to score leading lady roles in the lady boner-inducer film The Age Of Adeline, and unintentionally hilarious thriller The Shallows. With product sponsorships in L’Oreal and Gucci, and a hubby at the top of his game, she has time to pick and choose her career moves now while caring for their two kids. A+ transition Lively.

Leighton Meester

"Of Mice And Men" Press Conference

(Season 1 – Season 6)                                                                                                              Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf is everybodies spirit animal; beautiful, strong, intelligent, and driven she wins at everything. Meester however is mere human, meaning her career transition has wobbled. Following the show she moved to LA and married fellow teen show star Adam Brody, before having their first child together.

Following a small break from acting she hit 2014 hard with four movies, each were more independent and saw moderate success and a role on stage in Of Mice and Men. Since then she has gone quiet again, though she is returning to the small screen this year as Deborah Revere in Making History.

Questionable, the star has given her music career another bash, with her debut album Heartstring hitting number 139 on the US charts. Yeesh.

Penn Badgley


(Season 1 – Season 6)                                                                                                          Dan Humphrey

The elusive Gossip Girl himself, Badgley’s career has taken a whomp since his time on The CW. With roles in four movies he rarely snags leading roles and instead supports in smaller flicks that see little commercial success.

The lack of success in cinema may be due to the fact that Badgleys passion seems now to be with his music. Lead singer for Brooklyn-based indie band MOTHXR, the group released their debut album Centerfold on February 26, 2016

Ed Westwick


(Season 1 – Season 6)                                                                                                                 Chuck Bass

Another former-Upper East Sider going the indie route is Westwick. The actor has worked steadily since departing the show in 2012 churning out lead roles in independent movies each year. While none have had tremendous success, he is still making that money and has two upcoming tv series’ ready to drop in 2017 one of which is based on Snatch. While that’s a questionable choice he will be joined on screen by Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and hotties Lucien Laviscount, and Luke Pasqualino, so we’ll be tuning in.

Chace Crawford


(Season 1 – Season 6)                                                                                                          Nate Archibald

Crawford’s Nate Archibald seemed to disappear more and more into the background during Gossip Girl’s six season run to the point he was almost invisible. That too is what has seemed to happen to Crawfords career. Known more for his beauty than his acting chops he has struggled to gain any significant acting roles in the movies, and his second shot at television in 2015’s Blood & Oil being cut short just 10 episodes in.

Fans most likely recognise him from his guest star stint in Glee, and his drug bust for carrying marihuana way back when. We just wish he would come out, and give his career a second wind.

Kelly Rutherford

Actress Kelly Rutherford arrives for the International Emmy Awards in New York

(Season 1 – Season 6)                                                                                             Lily Van Der Woodsen

Rutherford has always found work in television films prior to the show, and picked up right where she left off once leaving. Since the teen drama she has starred in A Sister’s Nightmare and Night Of The Wild. Sticking to the small screen she has enjoyed stints on popular shows Quantico, Jane The Virgin, Being Mary Jane, Bones, Reckless, and The Mysteries Of Laura. 

Unfortunately for Rutherford most of her time has been spent in courtrooms in a gruesome custody battle against her ex-husband. Through years of petitions, and court dates she was denied custody of the two children, with only visitation rights. The ordeal has led to the actress filing for bankruptcy due to the hefty legal charges.

Matthew Settle


(Season 1 – Season 6)                                                                                                      Rufus Humphrey

Settle had experienced success previous to his father role on this searies, but in his mid-40’s that success seemed to have dimmed since. He’s acted in film roles each year since departing the show but nothing spectacular. While his career is humming along, he has since found a new partner and the pair had a daughter, his second child!

Taylor Momsen


(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                                                                      Jenny Humphrey

Let’s talk about Taylor Momsen shall we? While on the show rumours swirled constantly in her later seasons about her terrible attitude, and her desire to quit acting. The network heard her pleas and cut her after season 4. While we kind of missed Jenny, we had also lost her to the dark side at this point.

Perhaps one of the most successful alums she’s stuck to her guns on the acting retirement, and found success with her rock band The Pretty Reckless. Their albums have sold serious units, charting up to number 5 on the charts and receiving critical praise. A hard worker Little J has toured non-stop since the bands inception.

Jessica Szohr


(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                                                                       Vanessa Abrams

While she may never have fully gelled with her fictional pal on the show, Szohr showed them whose boss once leaving. The actress has had a steady career on the big screen in flicks like Ted 2, The Internship, and Two Night Stand. While they may not be blockbusters, and she is by no means the leading lady she is doing well enough to keep herself afloat and stay out of the tabloids.

Dipping back into television she was a lead in the now cancelled Complications and guested in episodes of Kingdom, Men At Work, and CSI: Cyber. She is soon to star alongside Eva Longoria in Jamie Foxx’s written and directed project All-Star Weekend as well a mystery role on the Twin Peaks revival.

Kaylee DeFer


(Season 5 – Season 6)                                                                                                                 Ivy Dickens

Does anybody truly count Ivy Dickens as a main character in this show? Nothing against DeFer but her role was entirely redundant. Replacing both Jenny, and Vanessa, we can’t help but think Georgina Sparks would have fit that space so much better! Since the show she has all but jacked in the acting with only one movie since in 2013.

Easing off of her career she has focused on her family life, she is currently pregnant and raising her three-year old son with partner Michael Fitzpatrick, lead vocalist for the band Fitz and the Tantrums.

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