The Queens Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Revealed!

Excited fans have been waiting on tenterhooks for the latest batch of Ru-Girls to be revealed, and now Logo have released promos of the queens who will compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar when the reality competition returns later this year.

We gave you all the rumoured cast months ago, and with the exception of UK import Charlie Hides, our sources were spot on! As we have already profiled these girls in October, we have decided to cast our predictions as to how these girl will fare! If you wish to read a background on our new competitors, check out that here!

While 13 is sure an odd number of girls to compete, there are strong rumours a past queen will reenter the competition to race for the crown once more! Cynthia Lee Fontaine is as well as confirmed as the returnee, while Laila McQueen, and Sasha Belle were also rumoured. Unfortunately, Shangela will not be making her third attempt.

13. Trinity Taylor


Trinity’s video left us feeling a bit ‘meh’. Compared to her competitors, she came across as very simple. A pageant queen, she has phenomenally outlandish style, but much like previous pageant competitors she may have a one-sided vision of drag that could limit her. Unfortunately she may be a ‘filler queen’.

12. Jaymes Mansfield


Jaymes is such a sweetheart. Her voice may be a little grating, but her princess schtick seems true to herself as a pretty and soft lady. While she does great things with her YouTube channel, guiding viewers though LGBT history, we’re worried she may be too cutesy to compete with these bitches. She seems likeable enough, but rather one-note making her an easy first cut.

11. Eureka O’Hara


The big girl of the season, Eureka is younger than our past larger ladies. She has a solid look, and is a good performer. Big, ready to jig, and ready to win this gig, she is self-described as a dancer, and with acting and singing experience she has much to offer.  A lesser known queen she appears very relatable, and down to Earth.

10. Kimora Blac


Kimora is gorgeous, both in and out of drag, she is sex on a stick and her look is all kinds of fierce. She likes to show off her body, and does it well. While we’re sure she’ll kill the runway, we’re not quite sold on how well she will fare compare in the challenges. She comes across as fiesty, shady, and unfiltered, and while we’re sure that will take her through the initial stages it is seldom the attitude of a winner.

9. Peppermint


The first queen out as trans prior to the show Peppermint is a revelation in drag. A staple of the New York lifestyle she has been everywhere and done everything. Actress, singer, personality, and general boss lady, she is well put together and extremely talented. We do fear this level of professionalism may be a detriment as the show loves to find fresh and new queens, where as Peppermint is polished in a regular style.

8. Valentina


Valentia has all the makings of a Miss Congeniality. She’s cute, beautiful, sweet, and charming. She has a solid lip sync, and can turn it out on the dance floor, with great makeup skills, and beautiful outfits she has a lot going for her but we are not sure if she has the spark to be an all rounder in the competition.

7. Shea Coulee


Hyped by fans as a frontrunner for the crown, it is clear why Shea already has a steady fanbase. She has visually appealing concepts, and a charismatic personality that draws people to her. An all rounder, she has the tools to succeed in the race, but we would not be surprised if she was an early shock elimination.

 6. Alexis Michelle


Alexis is a great queen. She is stunningly beautiful, charismatic, and knows how to work her curves. From what we have seen she is a true professional, giving her all in her on stage performances with a personality that won’t quit. A live singer she has talent to spare, but with such a high calibre of ladies this season we feel she may land in the middle of the pack.

5. Charlie Hides


The surprise of the bunch, Charlie is our first English queen! Going by her birth name, she is self-described as the ‘oldest contestant ever’. Her many years polishing her craft may be a bonus, much like Bianca Del Rio and Chad Michaels; and the fact that she is the first ever queen from across the pond she has clearly beaten out some tough competition to be the chosen one.

4. Nina Bobina Brown


Looking at Nina, she is a visual masterpiece. Each look is different to the next, incredibly crafted and unique. She has a plethora of inspirations that are separate to the populous, meaning her looks are outlandish and exciting. Unfortunately, these looks are not as polished as one would hope from a Drag Race queen. We’re sure she’ll slay nonetheless.

3. Farrah Moan


Move over Courtney Act, Farrah Moan is now the fishiest queen to appear on the show. She is beautiful, composed, and fun, as well as having a clear talent for performance. We’re sure she is going to slay the runway, albeit with Michelle Visage taunting: “stop relying on that bodyyy!”. A safe bet to progress far we’re sure.

2. Aja


As you can tell by that mug, Aja is a fierce painter; she has a killer aesthetic, crafting stunning looks with her choices of outfit, wigs, and make-up. Not only that but she is a force to be reckoned with in her lip syncs. An early favourite among the Drag Race fandom, she is a shoe in to make the long haul.

1. Sasha Velour


While fans may have seen most things during the wealth of Drag Race seasons Sasha Velour seems to be a forward thinker, ready to change the game much like Sharon Needles did in Season 4. Her style of drag is eclectic, unusual and wavering. Her lip syncs are something different, and her presence is magnifying. With the ability to change things up in a way that is all her own, Sasha is our pick for winner of Season 9.

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