YouTuber’s To Watch: Travis Bryant

YouTube is home to so many LGBT personalities; it is a refreshing mode of media that allows us to peek into another persons life for a short while, and Travis Bryant is definitely worth a peek.

He may just look like a pretty face, and yes that is totally the reason we click on his videos, but we stay for the content as he is open, funny, and unashamed.

Under the channel name travisbryantnyc, Bryant stepped shortly into the video service by dabbling in vlogging through 2014. After a short hiatus he returned full steam in February 2015 where he posted weekly videos with ranging topics. His videos comprise of tutorials, skits, challenges, and story times.

With endless female tutorials on the site, it’s refreshing to see decent male-orientated content that we can actually use, and Bryant’s are good! His story time videos are usually hilarious, unless he is dealing with more pressing topics such as coming out, suicide, or homelessness in which is open, frank, and unfiltered.


He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado where he spent most of his childhood with his parents and younger brother, Lance. At 15, his family encountered some personal problems which led him to stay with his grandparents to finish high school. From here Travis attend the University of Oklahoma and eventually transferred to the University of Colorado to pursue a career in journalism.

While at college, a model agent scouted him on Myspace and eventually convinced him to pack his bags and move to New York. He modelled for various high-end designers such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Perry Ellis. From here he moved to Los Angeles to take a job at ABC studios while pursuing a career as a screenwriter. Eventually he parted ways with ABC, to write books and screenplays full time. You can read one of his stories, Eville, free on his website.


Bryant is active on the gay WeHo scene, which led him to date Mean GirlsJonathan Bennett for a short time before hooking up with Aaron Rhodes for a matter of months, though that too is sadly dunzo.

His channel boasts 146,415 subscribers, and over 5,000,000 total views, and if that’s not enough his second channel with fellow YouTuber Jack Merridew is just as popular reaching 111,481 total subscribers in under one year!

Check out Travis Bryant HERE.

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