Why You Should Be Watching: Riverdale

Based on the popular Archie comic books, Riverdale is the newest teen soap with a whole host of sexy, mysterious, and dramatic happenings. Airing on The CW, it is one to check out as their most exciting new show.

What’s the name of the show? Riverdale

How many seasons are there? It’s a brand new show! With just two episodes released, it’s out every Thursday – or you can catch it on Netflix the next day.

What is this show all about? Jumping straight out of the 40’s comic book, the bold, wholesome aesthetic is present but the series takes a darker turn than its goofy source material. The characters are the ones we know and love but are more multi-dimensional, and the stories are more weighty, and dramatic.

Who does it star? As with all the best teen soaps, the cast here is mostly unknown. Series star Archie (K.J Apa), of New Zealand descent, is due to star in the upcoming movie A Dog’s Purpose. Sweet Betty (Lili Reinhart) has had bit-roles in several indies, while this is Veronica’s (Camila Mendes) first ever acting gig since leaving school! Jughead (Cole Sprouse) is likely the most recognisable name on the list following his days on Suite Life Of Zack And Cody.

What’s it similar to? It is far too early for the show to have forged its own solid identity but as of its few episodes it is a hodge-podge of Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars mixed with One Tree Hill, with touches of Teen Wolf, and 90210. If you’re a fan of the teen genre, this will surely fit into your collection. Love triangles, murder, affairs – it appears to have it all.

Is it just another teen show? Unfortunately for some, yes! While there is an overarching mystery that is plaguing, and thought-provoking, much of the drama comes from very teen issue. Making the cheerleading squad, heartbreak, being in the closet, pressures of growing up – it is unmistakably for a younger audience, but enjoyable nonetheless.

What about the eye candy?  As with all shows starring 20-something teenagers, the eye candy is plentiful! Leading man Apa will have you converted to red-heads the first moment we peek him changing through his bedroom window. Sprouse is apparently doing it for certain fans, but we’re not too sure. Then we get not one, but two cute gay guys! Casey Cott plays the out, popular student Kevin Keller who is gorgeous, secretly dating the sexy football jock Moose (Cody Kearsley). Beverly Hills alum Luke Perry plays Archie’s dad for any parents out there watching.

I haven’t read the comics, will I still get it? Although the characters are lifted from the comic books, the story is brand new. You are introduced to the town, and the characters like any other show. There are small easter eggs for avid readers, but beyond that it is its own entity.

Our Verdict Is: While it is too soon to tell how well this series is going to do, it has already racked up quite the online following with its promising start. We’re going to give this a shot in hopes that the mystery, and intrigue keeps going. With the cliff-hangers, and shocking twists, we’re sure you’ll be glued too!

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