Top 10: Movie Mean Girls

Every high school has its mean girls, and every movie high school capitalises on this in a way that gay men love – and for good reason they’re pretty, rich, and bitchy in equal measures, and more often than not receive a mighty downfall.

In honour of this fun to watch trope, we have decided to rank our top ten favourite movie mean girls:

10. Betty Rizzo

While not necessarily the villain of the movie, Rizzo was a mean girl for sure. Armed with her bad girl pink ladies she spent much of the movie, Grease, as an adversary to ‘nice girl’ Sandy, and enjoyed tormenting loser Patty Simcox. With an acid tongue, and a cutting comeback for any situation, she is one of our most enjoyable to watch. Who else could dedicate an entire song to making fun of somebody?

9. Taylor Vaughan

Popular, and narcissistic Taylor’s light was so bright that it was just too big for high school, which led to her leaving her boyfriend for washed up reality star that she met on spring break. In She’s All That, she is equal parts bitchy queen bee, and bitter ex-girlfriend. Her number one mission is to win prom queen and destroy her opposition, Laney Boggs.

8. Jacy Farrow

You may be slightly less aware of who Jacy Farrow is, but starring in The Last Picture Show , she is a gorgeous, heartless princess who makes her way through not only high school but her entire southern town by seducing any man she pleases.  Set in the fifties, and released in ’71, she is the archetype of all the means girls who followed.

7. Heather Chandler

In what is the most fierce clique of mean girls in movie history, head of the Heathers is Ms. Chandler. Despised by her school mates, she is rich, entitled, and self-absorbed. Armed with two cronies in tow, she spends her day tearing down everybody in school. She was a teen so evil, the only resolution was murder!

6. Marianne Bryant

Easy A‘s Marianne Bryant was a completely different type of mean girl, she was not particularly popular, or outright mean, she was a smile in your face while condemning you kind of lady. Taking a satirical look at these very real kind of people, she is a bigoted, judgemental teen who does not practice what she preaches in terms of her pious Christianity.

5. Amber Von Tussle

As well as being egocentric, and bratty, Hairspray‘s Amber Von Tussle was a bigoted racist. She had everything, the limelight, the money, the man, and the popularity but she wanted more. Through her selfish actions of trying to attain this she manages to lose it all just as quickly.

4. Chris Hargensen

Chris Hargensen has it all; the big hair, the popular boyfriend, and breasts! She spends her days tormenting outcast Carrie, including a nausea-inducing period scene where she and her cronies throw sanitary products at Carrie. If this wasn’t a traumatising enough way to have your first period, they decide to douse their adversary in a vat of pigs blood after falsely winning her prom queen.

3. Courtney Shayne

The 90s ushered in a whole wave of mean girls, but none were quiet as sinister as Jawbreaker‘s Courtney. With her pack of popular pals, they play a prank on their friend only to end up killing her. As if murder weren’t bad enough she goes on to cover up the act, frame an innocent man of rape, and generally be a wicked teen.

2. Kathryn Merteuil

With her sexually driven, coke-snorting, life-ruining manipulation it is hard to believe that Merteuil is still a school girl. The list of her devious acts is plentiful, but it is her nicer than nice, Martha Brady act that really seals it as onlookers see her as darling in Cruel Intentions.

1. Regina George

Who else would top our number one list than Mean Girl of all mean girls Regina George. She has the body, the money, the clique, and the man. The school worships her every move, and she revels in her own queen bee-ness. Even her mom is a crony to her will. Not enough can be said about Regina George, other than “She did car commercial…in Japan!”

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