Guide To: Douching

Reading the above word probably made your stomach feel a little queazy, the truth is sex talk is old hat nowadays but the thought of discussing anal douching is still a bit taboo. The practice is a necessary part of gay life, and to get it done right we’re going to discuss it!

Douching is the act of introducing water into the anus to expel fecal matter, usually in preparation for anal play. Douching is technically a vaginal process, while an enema is the cleaning of an anus, however in recent times the gay community have adopted the word douche.

There are three core types of douching instruments:

Bulb Douche

This is the most common type of douche; cheap, and easy to use, it is a brilliant beginner option. Ordinarily these are 2-piece kit: a squeezable bulb, and a nozzle.

Shower Douche

A shower douche is usually a kit that connects to your shower or bathtub for its water source. The benefits of this compared to the bulb is that your gain a consistent flow rate, there is no backflow, and you can achieve a deeper clean because of the pressure. There are often various tips to allow for optimal cleaning.

Te negatives to this approach is that the pressure control can be tricky, cleaning them is a lengthier process,and they are not quite as portable. This option is more for serious bottoms, who wish to participate in more extracting anal play.

Water Bag Douche

This type of douche is a little too clinical. There is a bag, essentially a hot water bottle, that is filled with your water. You attach the hose, which has the ability to change the pressure of water flow, and use in the same way as a shower douche.

They are relatively inexpensive, but the bags do need to be replaced every so often, so it may be better to stick with an aforementioned option.

Below we have broken the act of douching in a step-by-step guide:

1. Be Near A Toilet

This may sound like a given, but when we’re messing around back there we really don’t want to be taking any risks! Just think of this as an extra precaution.

2. Rinse The Enema

Again, this is kind of stating the obvious but it’s a necessary step, even if the item is brand new, to rinse the enema thoroughly. This it to eliminate dust and other particles that have accumulated on it.

3. Fill With Warm Water

Now you must fill with warm, I repeat warm water! If the temperature is too hot you could do some serious damage and burn yourself. Cold water will be a major shock to the system, and may cause your sphincter to tighten.

It is advised not to use soap as these contain harsh, chemical agents that burn the lining of your rectum and cause irritation. It is really not necessary to the cleaning of yourself, but if you do insist on using soap be sure to opt for an all natural version with zero chemical additives, artificial coloring or fragrances – and be sparing!

Fill the bulb as much as possible so that you are less likely to push air inside yourself, and screw on the nozzle.

4. Lubricate The Nozzle

Prior to insertion, you should make sure the nozzle of the enema is thoroughly lubricated. A silicone based lube would work best here as it is water-based, and less sticky, making easier to wipe away following use. Using your fingers, produce a small amount of lube and coat the outer section of the nozzle.

If you wish to take extra precaution, lubricating yourself can help ease the process along.

5. Insert The Nozzle

Before insertion, you should be sure to strip off fully. From here there are a number of ways to go about to approach the task: you can do while standing, kneeling on all fours, or laying on your side. This is subjective as to what is best for you.

To Insert:

  • Carefully push the nozzle of the enema into your rectum until it feels as though it is far enough inside – a few inches should do.
  • Gently squeeze the bulb, applying enough pressure so that the water begins to flow into your anus.
  • When you are done, tighten your sphincter slightly and slowly pull the nozzle out. Do not let go of the bulb! This will prevent seepage and backflow.


6. Hold Water Inside

With the water inside you should be able to feel the pressure pushing against yourself. Keep holding the water in as long as possible – this may last from 30 seconds to several minutes.

With the water inside you may want to assist it moving around to get a more thorough clean, try moving your pelvis back and forth, or jumping up and down!

7. Expel The Water

Once you can no longer hold, and begin to feel natures call it is time to expel the water. Sit on the toilet and allow your body to do the rest, do not strain! It is completely normal to pass air while the process is happening. Depending on how deeply you have decide to clean, this process is subjective. Though you will feel when you are done.

8. Repeat

It is recommend to douche at least twice, even if the first is clear to be sure there is nothing left lurking. It often takes a couple of times cleansings to make sure the anal canal is fully clean. Keep repeating until the water is completely clear.

9. Clean Up

Once the process is complete, clean your equipment and then take a shower. Be sure to wash your butt with soap. Allow a minimum of one hour before engaging in any kind of activities as sometimes not all water is released in the initial stages, so stay prepared for some unexpected emergencies.


When To Douche:

This is something completely subjective to the way your body works. Usually you should allow up to 2 hours prior to play to douche, however you may need longer if you have not been having regular bowel movements. Just try not to leave it too long as the cleanliness does not last all day! On average it takes 6-8 hours to properly digest food.

Is It Safe:

There has not been enough research into this topic to fully assert as to wether or not it is completely safe. Many men douche for years without suffering an ill effects. You must make sure you listen to your body and not overly clean yourself, this can irregulate your natural bowel system or remove the layer of mucous from the lining of the rectum. Take time and be careful as irritating the anal wall can cause tears.

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