Violet Chachki / Gagged: Review

If you happened to have seen the seventh season of Rupauls Drag Race you’ll be quite aware that Violet Chachki does not possess a brilliant vocal range, but as the winner she needs something to sell to rake in the coin.

Chachki’s first foray into the music world, she hit the Billboard charts in the United States, peaking at number 16 on the Heatseekers Albums chart, number 48 on the Independent Albums, and number 11 on the Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. Quite the effort. The record gave numerous little fans their life, and was critically and commercially praised. She marketed herself as a leather-bound, kinky sex doll of perfection and through her dynamite lyrics, managed to express that feeling perfectly.

Track-By-Track Review:


Like any true marketing genius, the day after her crowning Chachki released her first ever single ‘Bettie’ with an accompanying video. The spoken-word track was heavy with the EDM, and bass, and filled Chachki’s aesthetic of dark, fetish pin-up girl style. A true banger, it has us feeling some type of way about ourself with the perfect beat to strip to. A strong jumping off point for the album. The video: flawless.


Continuing her dark, sensual appeal ‘Harlequin’ keeps up the crazy sonics as the second track enjoying more spoken word atop a thumping beat. It is a great concept within itself that has dope instrumentals sure to make you dance. We share in Chachki’s sense of fun with a fierce club track this is dynamic, and catchy.

La Petite Mort

A change of pace, this slower jam unleashes entirely on the sex appeal with Chachki moaning commands, cut with an overlay of French musings, and orgasmic groaning. The soft EDM backing rhythm sounds like the end of the night at a 90’s gay bar, and is lay down in such a way that accentuates the record.


Her second single, ‘Vanguard’ is a mid-tempo song that shows off Chachki’s musical versatility. Changing between spoken-word, and “singing” the lyrics fall flat in comparison to her previous efforts. Along with the less inspiring production, this option feels more safe, and muted than her usual pace but is a catchy listen nonetheless.

Show Off

Moving back toward the spoke-word, ‘Show Off’ is the perfect ending for this EP as Chachki presents her best. If there’s one thing she is good at its showing off. The lyrics are well-crafted, the production is refreshing and cool, and the song is beautiful and naughty. The more singer-y moments here work only to back her sexually-driven musicality in a way more befitting to her style.

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