YouTuber’s To Watch: Jaymes Mansfield

We love gay YouTubers, we love drag queens, so whats better than a gay drag queen YouTuber? Jaymes Mansfield is a uber-cutesy queen with big hair, and an even bigger personality.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the new Drag Race cast, you’ve most likely seen that Jaymes Mansfield is among the new crop of hopefuls vying for the crown, what you may not have known is that she is an up and coming YouTube star.

Beginning on the video-sharing site a year ago she has been posting videos consistently over the course of the last twelve months. With a modest fanbase of just under 5000 subscribers, we’re sure she’s soon to blow up big time!

Her channel is very much drag-orientated, teaching how to create costumes, contour breasts, tease hair, and apply sickening make-up among other tips and tricks of the trade.

While this may not be all that useful to regular joes like you and I, it is the chronicles of drag history that is most exciting on her channel. In a series of episodes, she guides us through several segments of drag history, giving us a valuable insight of the art.

Born February 19, 1990, real name James Wirth is a drag performer from Madison, Wisconsin. Self-described as a combination of Marilyn Monroe out of Belleview and Jayne Mansfield on LSD, she is a campy queen who likes to mix art with comedy.

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