Re-Viewed: Clueless

This weeks #ThrowbackThursday is a hefty cult classic. Duh, it’s totally Clueless!

Released in 1995, this was the iconic teen movie pre-Mean Girls and post-Heathers that defined a generation – you may think i’m kidding, but even 12 years later the movie holds up!


Based on the Jane Austen novel Emma, no seriously, this reimagining takes a fresh and satirical look at ultra-rich teenagers in a Beverly Hills . Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne (Stacey Dash), both named after “great singers of the past that now do infomercials,” are privledged girls whose biggest concerns are not clashing their outfits, acquiring buns of steel, and staying as popular as humanly possible.

Underneath Cher has an innate urge to help those who are less fortunate, donating clothes to charity, helping two introverted teachers find love, and taking new girl Tai (Brittany Murphy) under her wing to become her new prodigy.


Much of the movie follows Cher’s navigation of life: dating, learning to drive, attending parties… being held up at gun-point. In truth the plot of the story is waferthin but that is not why we love Clueless, we love the movie because it was representative of a generation of teens.

The cast are far from stellar, but they do their job. Silverstone will forever be the lovable rich girl, Murphy is wonderful and heartwarming, Elisa Donavon is hilarious as bitchy Amber, and Paul Rudd will always make sleeping with your step-brother acceptable. We’d rather not mention Dash, ahem.


The outfits of the film are a character within themselves, while the script is A+ for quoting. Even now we find ourselves rehashing lines from the movie, while simoultatiously wishing for a Cher handbook to life!

The movie was so popular that it spawned its own spin-off television show! A few of the movies characters transitioned over but Silverstone, Murphy, and Rudd each opted out, and honestly, if they’re not there, we’re not there.


A sleeper hit upon release, the movie peaked at number two at the box office and grossed $56,631,572 during its theatrical run. The movie directed alot of attention onto Silverstone, and Murphy, whose careers blossomed. Now, the movie is a teen classic, just as enjoyable over two decades later.

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