The 10 Year Plan: Review

Sometimes you find a gay movie that is so spectacular it transcends its niche market into the mainstream, heralded by applause from audiences and critics – The 10 Year Plan is not one of those movies.

Premiering at Outfest in 2014, I discovered this gay-interest movie while trawling through Netflix one night. The cover featuring three Sean Cody-looking white guys is almost indistinguishable from the dozens of other mediocre romcoms in this genre.

The premise is a familiar one that sees two friends make a pact in their twenties that if they are still single in 10 years they will get married to one another. Apparently 35 is the cut-off age for gay singledom.

Myles (Jack Turner) is a hopeless romantic who dreams of settling down with Mr. Right, but has little luck in the dating world as his overeager nature scares away potential suitors. Brody (Michael Adam Hamilton) is a cad who revels in one-night stands, never seeing the same man twice. Approaching 10 years later with the deadline looming ahead, they try desperately to avoid the commitment.

Writer-director J.C. Calciano may now a staple in gay cinema, but his latest offering leaves much to be desired as the flimsy script is a lifeless rehashing of an amalgamation of generic romantic B-movies. The writing lacks a lot of spark, with little laugh out loud humour, and potentially interesting plot points, such as Myles and Brody dating the same guy, fall flat in an anticlimactic manner.

While Turner and Hamilton manage to regurgitate the stale writing, it is evident they were hired more for their shirtless scenes than the forced emotional scenes they barely struggle through, with little emotion elicited from the viewer.

With its eight day filming schedule, and shoe-string budget the movie was created quite decently, but lacked an overall sense of direction. Altogether, the end product was a rather bland and uninteresting viewing, that by the time the “happy ending” rolls around we had already checked out entirely.

Our Verdict Is: For something to put on in the background while your busy doing other things, this film is great to catch glimpses of cute boys shirtless, or perhaps a quick chuckle. If you want a film ready for a popcorn, and snacks movie night, this would be a rather underwhelming pick.

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