Where Are They Now? The Stars Of 90210

A spin off from Beverly Hills, 90210 this popular series ran for five season following the happenings of our favourite spoiled little rich kids. After all the drama our stars of 90210 were put through we have decided to take a look back and see where the actors are now.

Shenae Grimes


(Season 1 – Season 5)                                                                                                             Annie Wilson

Grimes bagged the leading lady role after her stunning work on Degrassi when she cut all her hair off and tried to slit her wrists in the school showers. Though the part was turned down by Hilary Duff, we can’t help thinking how much more tolerable the character would have been without Grimes’ sour face stinking up the joint.

Unlike her original counterpart Dougherty, she has not enjoyed spectacular success since ditching the famous zipcode, instead she has solely appeared in television movies. Yikes. That said she did get married to a cute British guy so props to her I guess. She’s gone full Blake Lively and started her own lifestyle blog. If you too would like to look like a sourpuss, check it out here!

Tristan Wilds


(Season 1 – Season 5)                                                                                                             Dixon Wilson

Though his character Dixon was always wildly neglected on the show in favour of the ladies, Wilds has given them a run for their money post-show. He quietly released an album ‘New York: A Love Story’ under his stage name Mack Wilds, that was nominated for a Grammy and BET award.

On the acting front he appeared as a lead role in The Breaks, which is now being adapted into a television series, and has scored a role in the series Shots Fired that is soon to be a hit on Fox. As if his career was rising enough, he even starred in Adele’s show-stopping video for ‘Hello’. Exciting times!

AnnaLynne McCord


(Season 1 – Season 5)                                                                                                                Naomi Clark

AnnaLynne McCord stole the show in her role as bitchy Naomi, literally, she kicked Grimes to the curb and soon became the featured star on the show. She was raised up as the breakout star of the series, and all of those accolades equated to… kinda nothing! Since departing her popular role on the show, she has struggled to find anything quite as notorious.

She has starred in direct to video movies Gutshot Straight, Santa’s Little Helper, and Trash Fire. She fared considerably better on television with recurring roles on Dallas, The Night Shift, and Secrets And Lies, as well as few guest roles in episodes and made-for-tv movies. Don’t worry too much about our girl, she married Prison Break‘s Dominic Purcell, and with that coming back to our screen, she’ll be doing just fine on the money front.

Jessica Stroup


(Season 1 – Season 5)                                                                                                                   Erin Silver

Everybody loved Silvers anti-rich girl schtick when 90210 first premiered, she was the cool, snarky, smart girl who the audience identified with. Cut to any time after season one and she was kinda just a whiney bitch, besties with Naomi and the rest of the mean girls, and trading in men like theres no tomorrow. Homegirl went through every man in the cast!

Since the show, she may not have had the most exciting of careers, but a steady one nonetheless. She starred in The Following from season two onwards, and then jumped ship onto Netflix’s Iron Fist upon its cancellation. While her television career is soaring, her movie prowess is considerably less with only a small role in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back on her credits since the teen show went off air.

Jessica Lowndes


(Season 1 – Season 5)                                                                                           Adrianna Tate-Duncan

Adrianna was by far the most interesting character on the show, her coke-head, sexuality-swinging, break-down ready, teenage pregnancy self was a mess in all forms. Her career since the show has been an equal, but slightly less interesting mess.

She has featured in a handful of television shows, and movies, but nothing has been very successful for her – her standout role was in A Deadly Adoption opposite Will Ferrell, and Kristen Wiig, which they quite clearly did as a joke. She has now gone to the dark side with a string of movies on Hallmark, and Lifetime. Ooh girl! She also attempted a singing career, but the less said about that the better!

Michael Steger


(Season 1 – Season 5)                                                                                                              Navid Shirazi

The loveable outcast, but also kind of a dick, Navid was great on the show but the vast majority of his work seemed to be pining after Adrianna, and then Silver. Clearly this role stuck as he wrote and directed a one-woman show starring his own wife. Okaaaaaay.

We checked his social media, and he’s definitely not dead despite his movie career being deader than a dodo. He has had roles in more independant movies, Ana Maria in Novela LandThe Babymoon, Bleed, and Fatal Flip. Cool.

Matt Lanter


(Season 2 – Season 5)                                                                                                                 Liam Court

Liam Court was the hottie of Beverly Hills High, he was supposed to a bad boy but with that cute face he could never do wrong in our eyes. It was quite clear he would never struggle to find work with that face, especially with his galvanising performances in Disaster Movie, and Vampires Suck.

Curiously enough, much of Lanter’s success has been off screen! He has worked steadily as a voice actor on cartoons such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Scooby Doo! He has not quite relinquished his leading man title as he starred in the now-cancelled CW show Star-Crossed, and NBC hit Timeless. He also married some chick, that bitch.

Dustin Milligan


(Season 1)                                                                                                                               Dustin Milligan

Milligan split after just one season on the show, and with how shaky the quality became after it may have been a good decision, with how shaky his career has been maybe it wasn’t.

To his credit he has acted in over nineteen movies since he ditched the show in 2009, unfortunately some of these roles were titled ‘uncredited frat guy’, and ‘ugly lamp guy’ which is not as wonderful. The Canadian has found certain success on the smaller scene in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, X Company, and more recently Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek. If you’re wondering, he’s still got a partner, and he’s still cute in a douchebag kind of way.

Trevor Donovan


(Season 3)                                                                                                                       Teddy Montgomery

Our resident homo on campus, Donavon popped in and out of the show from season two onward, but aside from his ‘gay storyline’ had little to work with on the show. You probably didn’t notice, as a fundamental rule of the show was to have him topless at least once per episode.

After being thrown bit roles on television shows such as Melissa And Joey, Drop Dead Diva, and Awkward, it must have become clear that Donovan was more a model than an actor as the roles dried up. From here he began to star in an endless set of television movies. While you will most likely not be seeing him in anything substantial anytime soon, you can alway thirst over his Instagram page.

Gillian Zinser


(Season 3 – Season 4)                                                                                                                Ivy Sullivan

Though she only had a short time on the show, Ivy was a pretty cool character. Her love story with Raj was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The giant deal about her smoking weed was ridiculously overhyped. What was a breath of fresh air for the show turned into a depressed, suicide-attempting mess. Thank God she left with her immediate new fling Diego.

After leaving for Mexico, Zinser has struggled to find work. She has a few unrecognisable credits on her resume, but other than that she has a pretty cute hipster insta account.

Ryan Eggold


(Season 1 – Season 3)                                                                                                          Ryan Matthews

Spending years as the cool/too into his students lives teacher, Ryan left our screens when he moved away with his students mom in season 4, never to be seen again. Unlike some of his fellow cast members his career was quite the opposite.

He wasted no time in starring on a new show Blacklist that has ran steady since 2013, spawning a soon-to-be spin off this year. He also starred in some fairly successful smaller movies on the big screen. Our hunk also sings in a band Eleanor Avenue. Swoon.

Lori Loughlin


(Season 1 – Season 3)                                                                                                            Debbie Wilson

Lori Loughlin was that bitch before 90210, with her role on Full House she was already a household name, using this platform to continue her illustrious career. Her role mainly preceded as ‘mom’ with nothing notable, or interesting during her three seasons. With her husband departing the family, she kept the unit together until running away with the kids teacher just a year later.

In her time since the show Loughlin has starred in When Calls the Heart as well as recurring in her original role as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis in Fuller House. She has made the rounds in both television, and movies starring in quite a few. She’s not slowing down any time soon.

Rob Estes


(Season 1 – Season 2)                                                                                                              Harry Wilson

The Wilson’s father figure that dipped on his family only two years after uprooting them to move from Kansas to Beverly Hills for his new job. Father of the year. He was rather conveniently also their school principle just to add insult to injury.

Estes thought he was some kind of hot shot in 2010 when he left the show to “spend time with his kids, and explore other opportunities’. Well he must be having quite the fun with his children, as his career is anything but prosperous. A few bad movies, and an episode or two on some show. You go girl!

Jessica Walter


(Season 1)                                                                                                                                Tabitha Wilson

Why was Jessica Walter a part of 90210? At times I can not recall if she was actually here, or if it were just elaborate fever dream. She bailed after just 13-episodes, a Golden Globe, Emmy Award-winning actress it was really no reason.

Walter didn’t take a second to breathe since walking from the show, jumping straight back into her iconic role on Arrested Development. She also enjoys starring roles in ArcherRetired at 35, and Jennifer Falls. She will never be cast aside as somebody great-aunt, not even in Americas most glamorous postcode.

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