Willam / The Wreckoning: Review

Fresh off her controversial disqualification from RuPaul’s Drag Race way back in 2012, Willam released her first full album exclusively on her website.

She was the first queen to truly make the most of her time on the show by having material ready to go straight upon leaving, a trick mastered by many girls since. The record features a mix of comedy tracks, covers, parodys, and dance tracks that will make you gag.

Track-By-Track Review:

Love You Like A Big Schlong

After losing after lip-sync against 7-year-old Eden Wood at the New Now Next Awards to Selena Gomez’s ‘Love U Like a Love Song’ Willam decided to rewrite the tune as an ode to dick. The result is a hoe track with a fun and catchy chorus, but the verses are a little difficult to understand, perhaps due his impersonation of Gomez’ vocals.


The lead single from the album is a completely original offering, produced by Tom Trujillo. It sounds like a mid-2000’s D-lister pop track that would have been performed by Chris Crocker, Lindsay Lohan, or Heidi Montag, in a desperate attempt to sound like Blackout Britney.

Chow Down

Parodying “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips, this track was released immediately following Willam’s elimination from Drag Race. Marketing genius. Featuring Vicky Vox, and Detox in their unholy trinity, the track coincided with a homophobic scandal at Chick-Fil-A, skyrocketing its popularity.


Another track featuring Vicky Vox, and Detox, this is another EDM-mixed club track. The lyrics are catchy, and the vocals are decent with a great verse from Detox but the production is a little bland. A fun song, but not necessarily a stand out.

The Vagina Song

The third single is a parody of “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars, reworked into a fairly graphic telling of gender reassignment surgery. It features Willam’s great comedic writing skills, and went viral upon release standing now at over 4 million views.

Potential New Boyfriend

The final single from the album is a Dolly Parton cover, and is updated in glorious fashion as an upbeat, dancey cut. Showing off Willams vocals, this is one of the ‘safer’, and most well-crafted song on the album.

She Doesn’t Know

Released as a digital download with no music video, this song is a rock-filled cut from the album that is sorely underrated. The production is absolutely superb, and mixed with Willam’s high powered vocals, this is a standout.

Let’s Have A KaiKai

An obvious parody from the Scissor Sisters classic gay anthem ‘Let’s Have A KiKi’, Willam pairs with Rhea Litré in a genius pairing. The duo are both on point, tearing through the song matching one anothers high energy, and genuine hilarity.

Stand By Your Man

Proving she is a queen for all genres, Willam tackles this country song in a change of pace for the album. A Tammy Wynette cover, she works her way through the slower track on the album which is a bit of a snooze, but openly gay country singer, Drake Jensen’s husky vocals are to die for.


Mama came to make these coins. After making Ru gag on her iconic phrase ‘RuPaulogize’ our Queen decided to rake in the popularity with this epic dance track. Using the cut to spill tea on the show, it is an amazing song sure to get anybody dancing. Featuring the eventual winner of her season Sharon Needles, the collab seems fitting for two of the seasons most diversive queens.


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