Why You Should Be Watching: Pretty Little Liars

Adapted from the popular Pretty Little Liars books, this show is a mystery drama that will keep you binge watching with its jaw-dropping cliff hangers. Coming to a close now on Freeform, and Netflix; its time you catch up on this series.

What’s the name of the show? Pretty Little Liars

How many seasons are there? The series is getting ready to return for the second half of its fifth and final season.

What is this show all about? Set in a small suburban town, four girls begin to receive threatening messages from an unknown assailant ‘A’ one year after the death of their cliques leader. The show follows the girls as they try to unmask this figure, while dealing with the fall out of their past mistakes.

Who does it star? Troian Bellisario plays Spencer, Ashley Benson plays Hanna, Lucy Hale plays Aria, Shay Mitchell plays Emily, Sasha Pieterse plays Alison, and Janel Parrish play Mona. At the beginning of the show each of these girls had bit roles in films such as Bring It On: Fight To Finish and tv such as Privileged but it is this show that has made them a household name.

You will see some familiar faces however in older tv stars acting as the parents; Holly Marie Combs, Laura Leighton, and Andrea Parker.

What’s it similar to? Cut directly down the middle as equal parts Desperate Housewives, and Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars is a gripping mystery, mixed with the hair-flipping boy dramas staple to any high school show. The show is one that grows, if you can look past the ladies wearing 6-inch stilettos to school, the nauseating romances, and the bubblegum script, there is something here to be enjoyed.

Is this a girly girl show? This show is absolutely and undeniable girly. The ladies are always seen rocking distinct fashions, the romance is sometimes too ooey gooey to take, and the cattiness can take its toll. On the bright side there are definitely story-lines away from this genre that you can enjoy, and fortunately the show grows with its audience.

What about the eye candy?  Just like any show starring unbelievably wealthy, and interesting teen the eye candy is on point for this show.Tyler Blackburn as Caleb is our stand out here (post haircut), Ian Harding’s sensitive Fitz gets all the fangirls squeeing, and Keegan Allen’s Toby is an acquired taste but definitely a “is he hot” kind of attractive. In later seasons Cody Allen Christian comes into his looks, and Julian Morris, Brant Daugherty, and Drew Van Acker’s rare appearances always brightens up our screens.

I haven’t read the books, will I still get it? Of course! While it may be fun to draw comparisons to the books while watching, it pretty much is a rehashing with alot of the same details, and some different ones to boot. As with any adaption there has been detailed pros and cons of both series’.

Our Verdict Is: While it has its issues for sure, there is no denying once you give this show a go you will be unceremoniously hooked! Any crap they may throw your way (and they do, trust me) you will brush it aside and forge on to see just how our girls will get out of their situations, and when will they ever unmask -A !

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