Model On The Rise: Laith Ashley

The fashion world is changing, more so now than ever before. While it has always been an industry for pushing boundaries, Laith Ashley shook up the game when he hit the scene last year.

While gender bending in fashion is old hand, Laith Ashley took things one step further by becoming one of the first high profile transgender models across the globe.

At 26 years old, just two years into transitioning, he has made a splash on the modelling scene walking in shows for Adrian Alicea and Gypsy Sport during New York Fashion Week and posing in a campaign for Barney’s New York.

Ashley’s initial foray into the modelling world came when he was picked as one of seventeen trans models to be shot by the iconic photographer Bruce Weber for Barneys Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters campaign. During this time he was not yet on hormones, and had just begun the transitioning process. He was also interviewed by journalist Patricia Bosworth, where he shared his coming out story.


From here the public and industry alike truly got behind the model as he began appearing everywhere, armed with his 144,000 Instagram followers. 

The model is more than a pretty face with a degree in Psychology from Fairfield University, previously working for a medical facility for the LGBT community and people living with HIV/AIDS.

The star sparked a foray of acceptance in the industry, leading to starring in a reality show alongside his trans model colleagues in Oxygen’s Strut.

Most recently the model has took to singing, releasing his first single ‘Can’t Wait’ via Soundcloud featuring his dreamy voice to a healthy audience. Listen HERE.

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