Big Brother Canada Season 5 Cast Ranked!

Big Brother Canada is finally back for season 5, and this time its what we have all wished for – fans vs favourites! The producers have done well in bring back the true best of the best.

Alongside the all-stars are a crop of interesting hopefuls that have us super excited for this season to unfold! Take a look below at our current pre-season rankings!


8. Ika Wong

A controversial character, Ika creates great television with her frank opinions, explosive behaviour, and unapologetic behaviour. Despite being a stellar housemate, she is an awful player. Her strategies are often led by emptional decisions, she can not play cool, and she definitely would not lie low. We can see her being an early cast off.

7. Bruno Ielo


Another emotional player is Bruno, who will be hellbent on carrying out his will no matter the consequences that may be caused. If he can hone his abilities, he may make it a little further. He is unafraid of making alliances, lying, and making big moves. The houseguests would be smart to cut him off early.

6. Sindy Nguyen


Sindy can strike fear into even the most steely of men. For some reason her original cast saw her as that much of a threat they evicted her twice. She is a strong competitor, she has no fear in executing moves, and she is fun to boot. If someone can steer her in the correct direction, she may be able to progress well.

5. Gary Levy


Gary, despite being mistakenly robbed of the win, was not a terribly great player. He had a stellar social game, and could pull out a competition or two. His best gameplay was secret sticking to Emmett. We think he’ll make great TV but can not see him progressing too far.

4. Dallas Cormier

Dallas was super annoying. He was loud, gross, obnoxious but above all of this he was pretty loyal to ally Maddie. His game was cut short thanks to Tim, so there may have been more we did not get to see. We see him teaming up with Bruno and Kevin in some horrid alpha alliance.

3. Kevin Martin


Kevin had everything going for him in his original season. He was smart, attractive, charming, likeable, and had a hand in every alliance – and then he struck up a showmance. If he can not get distracted this time around he has a great shot at winning the title this time around. We’re sure he will be behind a few epic moves.

2. Cassandra Shahinfar


Last year we correctly predicted Cass as fourth place in our rankings, perhaps we will be accurate once more! Cass was one of the most entertaining housemates to watch with her unfiltered speeches, dramas, and undercover masterminding. Her persuading, manipulative personality was so subtle it seemed only the fans could see how masterful she worked the game. We’re sure she’ll manage to succeed once more.

1. Neda Kalantar


Neda Kalantar is a Big Brother legend. The best Canadian player there has been. These are facts. She has the biggest uphill battle this season, but the iconic strategist she is we are sure if she can avoid an early chop she will no doubt map out this season as the puppet-master she is. Neda for the win.


8. Dre Gwenaelle


We love the look of Dre, she seems fun and edgy but she has openly stated that she has zero strategy. Her greatest hope is to be taken in by a majority alliance and used for a while until they no longer need her vote. We hope her well but expect very little.

7. Dillon Carman


Dillon fits our profile of lonewolf. He will play too hard, too fast and be outcast from any sort of group. He could be an asset if he can control his energies, but we think he will struggle to compromise with a group decision and flip out and make his own decisions.

6. Karen Singbeil


The older contestants never seem to fare well in BBCan but Karen seems to be fun, fierce, and full of life. She has seen every season so we are desperately hoping their is an undercover strategist in there ready to slay the game. She will be a casualty of people ‘not wanting to make a move this week’ and be an easy body to throw under the bus.

5. Mark Chrysler


He says his social game will be his best asset. Aka he will need to team up with an alliance to tell him how to vote, and what to do with any power he may receive, but he is not annoying enough to be cut straight away. He is inevitably going to be targeted as some part of a dreaded showmance, and we’re already over it.

4. Jackie McCurrach


What a disappointment. She wants to be carried through the competition by a man, and calls other girls catty. Which is a pretty catty thing to assume. She’ll be used a vote and never once be invited into strategy talk. If she wins anything, she will be told exactly what to do and she will follow instructions blindly. Waste of a player.

3. Demetres Giannitsos


Oh God. Demetres is going to bro out with Bruno and Dallas, and be their underling until they need to shed numbers and throw him under the bus. He is going to be obnoxious, annoying, and super misogynistic. Wonderful.

2. William Laprise-Desbiens


That name first of all is everything. He is going to be the breakout star of the newbies, but as far as his game goes we’re not yet sold. He seems to be open to cutting throats, and being a villain to win the prize, but we’re not sure if he might play to bold and be backdoored early. We have high hopes though.

1. Emily Hawkin


Emily has two options before her: start an amazing lady alliance with Neda, Cassandra, and Sindy, or start an abhorrent showmance with Mark. She will most likely go with the latter, which will be an insane benefit or an insane curse. After all showmances have done considerably well in BBCan history – she just has to make sure she outlasts Mark.

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