Where Are They Now? The Stars Of The O.C.

They were the kids that everybody wanted to be in the early noughties, and there was not a magazine that did not feature their beautiful faces sprawled across the cover. From then until now, we have decided to catch up with the cast of The O.C.

The show was a mega-hit in its heyday, and the stars were the hottest things in Hollywood. Fifteen years later, alot has changed and it’s time to catch up.

Benjamin McKenzie


(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                                Ryan Atwood

After his turn as ultra-broody bad boy, McKenzie starred in his first leading role in a movie with Johnny Got His Gun which received critical acclaim. The following year he returned to television starring in Southland. The show saw decent success, but we don’t know anybody that actually saw it. Upon its cancellation after five seasons, the actor jumped ship straight to Gotham where he took up the leading role of Officer James Gordon.

McKenzie has managed to stay completely out of the tabloids and now 38-years-old, he is happily engaged to Morena Baccarin, with whom he shares a daughter.

Mischa Barton


(Season 1 – Season 3)                                                                Melissa Cooper

Sadly, the beautiful, popular, talented Marissa didn’t have quite the happy ending when she bit the dust in season three, conversely the beautiful, popular, talented Mischa hasn’t had the happiest of endings either.

After struggling to find a hit with the dozens of movies she has starred in, she attempted an ill-fated television comeback that was canned after just two episodes. She hit rock bottom career-wise when she turned to Dancing with the Stars. She is unfortunately best known for her off-screen troubles from drug rumours, mental breakdowns, rehab, boy troubles, and now a rumoured sex-tape awaiting release.

Adam Brody


(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                                       Seth Cohen

Everyones favourite geek, and secret crush, Brody has transformed from young weedling to Hollywood hunk – sort of. We thought he would have saw a little more commercial success than he has but he’s worked consistently since departing the series.

Among the wealth of movies he has appeared in, some of the most recognisable are Scream 4, Jennifer’s Body, and Lovelace. He has returned to television as of late with the ill-fated Billy and Billie, and now StartUp alongside Martin Freeman. He is now also married to Leighton Meester – so whose the success now?

Rachel Bilson

Actress Bilson, who stars in the upcoming movie "Waiting for Forever," poses for a portrait in Los Angeles

(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                             Summer Roberts

Bilson has had no trouble finding work since leaving behind her complex character in Orange County. She has had a steady movie career that has seen mild success from Jumper in 2008, all the way to The To Do List in 2013. Most notably she landed a lead role in The CW’s Hart of Dixie until its end in season four. She has recently signed on for a lead role in the upcoming season of Nashville. 

The ending of The OC coincided with the ending of Bilson’s relationship with co-star Brody, though she wasn’t heartbroken for long soon sparking up a romance with Hayden Christensen. The pair had an on-off relationship, at one point becoming engaged, and share a daughter Briar Rose.

Peter Gallagher


(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                                   Sandy Cohen

Gallagher had already had a good run of it prior to his role on The O.C. and has not slowed down since. He has acted in eight movies, including a Step Up sequel, and the Christina Aguilera / Cher masterpiece Burlesque. Iconic.

On television, he has had recurring roles on a dozen shows including New Girl, Togetherness, Covert Affairs, and Californication. He can currently be seen in Law & Order: SVU.

 Kelly Rowan


(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                             Kirsten Cohen

Looking up Rowan, we are certain our favourite tv mom does not age. She has continued her career though roles in made for television movies. At one point she did star in Perception alongside Will and Grace‘s Eric McCormack for three years! Though the work has kind of dried up.

We doubt she cares very much as she shares a child with billionaire David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet. We’re sure those paternal support cheques are keeping her afloat.

Melinda Clarke


(Season 1 – Season 4)                                                            Julie Cooper

Our favourite uber-bitch has had a rough time trying to land gigs in the years since her kick ass character was put to bed. She has jumped around television with guest roles here and there but her main body of work came in a starring role in the short-lived Nikita.

Between guest spots on shows, and sporadic voice over work she recently managed to reunite with her old co-star Benjamin McKenzie on Gotham.

Tate Donavon


(Season 1 – Season 2)                                                                  Jimmy Cooper

While we will always remember him as Joshua from Friends, Donavon has had a pretty successful career both pre and post-O.C. Despite his on screen troubles as Marissa’s struggling father, offscreen he has seen triumph after triumph.

Never struggling to find work on television he has held leading roles in DamagesHostages, and 24: Live Another Day. He has also managed to land himself parts in Oscar-winning movies Argo, and Manchester By The Sea. 

Chris Carmack

Chris Carmack

(Season 1)                                                                                            Luke Ward

We’re still not over Luke’s all too sudden exit from the show, but since his time in the Orange County Carmack has been very busy with varied success. While he’s not exactly an A-lister, he has worked consistently – mostly in single episode guest roles.

That said he has completed the holy trifecta by starring as the love interest for Lindsay Lohan (Just My Luck), Hilary Duff (Beauty And The Briefcase), and Amanda Bynes (Love Wrecked) – amazing! He is currently starring in Nashville as a gay country singer. Lucky us!

Alan Dale


(Season 2)                                                                                         Caleb Nichol

There is no stopping Alan Dale. As Caleb Reynolds he was the wealthy, powerful, slightly evil family man. The same role he plays in every single show he stars in, and since the show that is exactly what he has done.

He has had roles in blockbuster hits such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull but he is perhaps most better know for his roles on television where he has featured on Lost, NCIS, Ugly Betty, Entourage, The Killing, Once Upon a Time, Hot in Cleveland, Dominion, and Secret City.

Autumn Reeser


(Season 4)                                                                                Taylor Townsend

She played her role amazingly, but was never truly accepted by fans as one of the gang. That’s all behind her now as she rose to become one of the more successful actors on the show. One the big screen she starred alongside Tom Hanks in Sully, and more importantly alongside Miley Cyrus in So Undercover.

She has not slowed down on television, appearing in multiple episode arcs in seventeen different shows since 2007, including a role opposite Bilson in Hart Of Dixie. She has scored the role of leading lady in annual television movies – including the criminally underrated musical The American Mall. She always was an overachiever.

Willa Holland


(Season 4)                                                                                      Kaitlin Cooper

Holland was the second actress to portray Kaitlin Cooper after the uber-famous Shailene Woodley was replaced following the characters transition into the central cast beginning in season 3. Following her stint as mini-Coop, Holland had a recurring role in the second season of Gossip Girl as Taylor Momsen’s manic frenemy.

One of the more successful alumni of the show she has played the main role of Thea Queen in Arrow since 2012. The character has also featured in The Flash and she is sure to keep up the superhero gig with the ever growing franchise. She has also had a few film appearances including Straw Dogs and Legion.

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