Beauty and the Beast / Soundtrack: Review

All of our favourite numbers from the original Beauty and the Beast, as well as some very strong original songs were a highlight of the new movie – and to celebrate its success we have decided to review the new soundtrack!

In this track-by-track review we will give our opinions on these updated covers and new additions featured in the movie. For our review of the live-action remake click HERE.

Overture/Prologue Pts. 1 and 2/Aria: The score for this movie is so beautiful and magical, it brings us a chill every time we hear it, and while the prologues are great in the movie these a definitely the tracks you skip upon listening to the album. Audra McDonald is a gift to musical theatre, an absolutely stunning and perfect voice, the vocally demanding Aria is a wonderment but also leaves us struggling to breathe hearing how difficult the performance is. That said we could have done with a full version.

Belle: Such a beautiful arrangement the movie does not vary too far from the original. While Emma Watson has a capable singing voice, we can’t help but feel the autotune is used a little too much for her. Her sweet voice is decent for Belle, but she is often overshadowed by the professional vocalists throughout. This song always makes us want to march to our own drum, be damned if we’re seen as an outcast.

How Does a Moment Last Forever (Music Box): Our first new song, and its a cute little number. The music box rhythm is very pleasing, and sweet. Again it is only a short snippet of a song but it adds another layer to Maurices character that we love.

Belle (Reprise): Come through sassy Belle audibly offended by Gastons advances via song. A continuation of before, we enjoy it just as much but can;t help but wonder what could be if stronger vocalist took the reigns.

Gaston: A real earworm of a track, this is performed comically so well by Josh Gad whose camp style works so well for him. Who knew Luke Evans could sing at all, let alone that well! His Gaston is note-perfect, and his smug performance is incredible. We actually prefer this version to the original with how much work they put into the scene, including dances and silly jokes.

Be Our Guest: An iconic track from the original movie, the remake does this just courtesy of Moulin Rouge‘s Ewan McGregor. It sounds as though the score has been updated to make it richer, and more grandiose while the scene itself is absolutely magnificent.

Days in the Sun: A really great new track, this is a ditty throwback that fills you with longing memories of happier times. The young beast Adam Mitchell has an adorable voice that kicks of the song, with supporting characters adding to build the emotion against beautiful melodies.

Something There: This was one of our favourites of the original, and while the scene in the movie is enjoyable on a relisten it is one of the least interesting updates of the bunch. It is great to hear the beast singing, but Watsons annunciation of certain lyrics change the flow of the song too much for our liking.

How Does a Moment Last Forever (Montmartre): Another new song, this impressed us the least. It is a well crafted song, and sounds lovely but it is neither here nor there. With the emotional subject matter, this is more exposition than anything else.

Beauty and the Beast: Prepare to be hit with all the nostalgia listening to this track. Thompson is a great Mrs. Potts, and the wondrous song is just as good as ever. While we prefer the sweeter sounding original, this is a lovely cover.

Evermore: This is the best original track added, and a highlight to the soundtrack altogether. With the emotionally stunted beast, his solo allows us into his deepest emotions that leaves us teary upon each listen. A true musical number the lyrics are astounding, and Dan Stevens’ voice is incredibly and emotionally weighted. A+ of a track.

The Mob Song: Anytime we get to hear Luke Evans sing as Gaston on the album we are happy, he really is the best. Alan Menken is a brilliant composer and this is a standout track for him as the score is truly tense, and heart-racing. The group of villagers singing together makes the track rich, and weighty.

Beauty and the Beast (Finale): Thankfully Audra McDonald gets another moment to shine before we close, when everybody joins in singing we are literally in heaven. A beautiful close to the movie, and the album it gives a true happy ending

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