Watch Now: Anthony Padilla Dissects His Sexuality

Anthony Padilla, one half of the mega-YouTuber duo Smosh took to his channel to answer the ever illusive question of whether or not he is gay. Spoiler: he’s not; but what he had to say was far more important than that.

The usually funny man took a moment to be serious while discussing the often asked topic in a five-minute video that has already received half a million views in under a week.

While the difinitive answer was that he was straight, he discussed how he has often been labelled as ‘gay’ by bullies, fans, and even girlfriends due to his un-masculine hobbies, and interests.

His words were very encouranging to be who you are, and enjoy what you like without fearing what other people may say about you, and that trying to fit in will only make you unhappy.

Check it out below.tumblr_on13aj65A41r0j10eo1_1280.jpg

One thought on “Watch Now: Anthony Padilla Dissects His Sexuality

  1. Ugh. All he did was talk about how awful it is that people think he’s gay and it must be even worse for gay people. It’s not an insult to be thought of as gay unless you’re a small-minded self-loathing homophobe.


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