Willam / Shartistry in Motion: Review

With the success of her debut album setting up Willam in the music world, she came back even stronger with a solid sophomore effort.

After seeing great success with his first album, WIllam took it a step further here with a collection of hits that reached number one on the Billboard Comedy Chart. Despite being only 27 minutes in length, the little content is all perfect levels of comedy, and dance music.

Track-By-Track Review:

Coin On The Dresser

In his years as a drag queen Willam has crafted a certain character that his fans adore. This song pays lip service to the persona he displays note perfectly, and demonstrates his ability to write more than just spoof songs. Its fun, catchy, and perfect for a lip sync.

Ride For AIDS

Spoofing Taylor Swifts ‘Blank Space’, Willam teams up with pal Alaska Thuderfuck and together the pair have a hilarious back and forth regarding charity work. Together the pair sing, urging listeners to pledge their support to the annual AIDS/Lifecycle event that helps people with HIV and AIDS.

Thick Thighs

One of the few original songs on the list, ‘Thick Thighs’ is a ridiculously catchy number that boasts Willams comedic tone of writing. With an energetic feature by none other than Latrice Royale, and fantastic dance beats it is a great club track made for moving your body. Every twink will be swearing they have juicy thighs after this.

American Apparel Ad Girls

While DWV may be dead and gone, it did not take Willam long to assemble his new supergroup featuring Alaska Thunderfuck, and Courtney Act. To conincide with their American Apparel merchandise, and advertisement the trio spoofed the obscure track “Farrah Fawcett Hair” by Capital City. Its odd lyrics, innovative production, and humorous undertones made the song one of the most popular on the album and inspired the AAAGirls Tour.


With its title standing for “uncut cock”, Rhea Litré returns to feature on this risque track that spoofs on Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top’. As proved time and again, the two singers have great chemistry and bounce of one another in a way that is fun for the listener. While it is our least memorable addition to the album it is still filthy, funny, and completely crazy.

How Much Can’t

Another original track, Willam pokes fun at the ‘white girl’ meme with this number. Like every other track it is silly, fun, and a total earworm of a song that will be stuck in your head. The production is great, and the lyrics are well crafted and imaginative.

Es Una Pasiva

The DWV break up drama left their biggest hit ‘Boy Is A Bottom’ unable to be used by any of the ladies, for some unresolved, mysterious reason. Willam being Willam decided to re-write the track in spanish and release it again. While not as good as the original song, she finds new humour in the spanish translations perfectly mixing in samples of ‘La Bamba’ by Ritchie Valens, ‘Macarena’ by Los del Río and ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom’ by Selena.

Only Anally

Spoofing Katy Perry’s ‘Unconditionally’, this version is surprisingly better. Released as the first cut off the album it is his emotional ballad, or the closest he will ever get. Crude, fun, and a spiritual successor to his past hit ‘Love You Like A Big Schlong’ its what the fans want, and its what Willam is more than happy to provide.

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