Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: Review

As card-carrying homosexuals, we love Kathy Griffin and the salacious celebrity gossip that she has been dishing out since she started in stand up in the 90’s. Her latest book is no different.

Last year Miss Griffin released her sophomore book Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index in which she slates a range of celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump in alphabetical order.

Our favourite part of her stand up has always been the inside dirt she always seems to gain on the latest celebrity news, mix that with her own (often judgemental) opinions, and her captivatingly comical way of spinning a story and we are sold.

During press tour for the book she spilled the tea on some of the stories waiting for us in the book, and of course they were hilarious, bitchy, and often embarrassing.

With a wealth of knowledge living in and observing celebrity culture for many years, yet having the intellectual realism to understand the absurdity of the lifestyle she has a unique voice when it comes to having an inside source in this crazy, fake world.


This is not a book in the traditional sense, more like a collection of essays with each chapter focusing on a specific celebrity as a stand alone piece. Light and entertaining it is easy to put down, and then pick back up again without any hassle.

Well organised, and written with such a fantastic flair, Griffin displays her biting wit that keeps the book moving forward and will have you hooked!

Whether you have a deep fascination with celebrity culture, are looking for an intelligent yet silly humour or are a huge Griffin fan, this book will satisfy your cravings. If you are seeking a more sociological insight inot the inner workings of Hollywood this book may not be for you as Kathy steers clear of too much controversy, tending to skim the surface of it instead (she has to work after all).

This book will not be winning any type of awards, but it is a fun and quick read that will tide you over until Griffins next stand up special.

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