RuPauls Drag Race: Season 9 Episode 2 Ruview

We’re back for episode two, and now we have gotten to know our queens, it is time for one to get the cut. We’re excited to head back to the runway for our first lip sync of the season.

Before we even get an intro, Cynthia Lee Fontaine is announced as the 14th and final queen and is at an energy level higher than we will ever reach. She’s cute, and fun, but already her look is weak, and her cucu is already frustrating.

Where Ru usually enters the workroom, Lisa Kudrow proceeds him and gives us our life – only to be cruelly snatched away in under 30 seconds! Once she leaves, RU announces this weeks challenge, a cheerleading routine!

For winning last week Nina is one team leader, while late entrant Cynthia is the second. For some reason, only Nina’s team is shown in rehearsals – setting up poor Jaymes’ underdog story.

Kimora is giving us hilarious one-liners, Valentina makes us fully fall in love with her, and Alexis comes across as a bossy bitch, while Peppermint, and Cynthia both bring the emotional weight of the episode.

The cheer routine begins and the B52’s join our panel alongside Michelle Visage, Carson, and judge/ commentator Ross Matthew!

I don’t care what anybody says, the cheer performance was majorly impressive – there’s no way to even review it, you just need to experience the nuttyness.

Below we will rank the looks on the runway from worst to best:

Kimora (Bottom 2): Ooooh, this was a devastating miss. It was trashy done wrong. The slits in the leggings and top were tacky, the American bikini was ill chosen, and the hair and make up just did not suit the look. It was all just bad, bad, bad.

Alexis (Safe): This was a very ‘meh’ look. The dress was very pedestrian, and the white brows, lipstick, and mohawk were just not flattering and a bit overkill. It would have made more of an impact if she either edited the look down, or amped up the diamonds.

Eureka (Safe): She really needs to invest in better wigs because these odd creations just aren’t cutting it for us! The outfit was neither here nor there, and the jewellery was so-so. The navy embellishment on the top was out of place, as were the terribly picked shoe!

Peppermint (Safe): Despite being well crafted, Peppermint’s outfit was a bit of a flop due to it being the same silhouette as her Gaga look, but the make up and hair were both well executed and interesting.

Trinity (High): While we were not a huge fan of this actual look, we appreciate that Trinity has a varied sense of fashion and is willing to take risks. She fully committed with the hair, and make-up and we love that!

Jaymes (Bottom 2): This look wasn’t bad! It was fun, and camp, and very Marilyn Monroe. We loved her placement of fur, the jewels, the gloves, and the hair! Her body looked just right and she was feeling her fantasy.

Sasha (Safe): This runway is quite middle ground, her make up is flawless in every sense of the word and works well with the hair but the dress is nothing extraordinary. She looks good, and well put together but nothing gag-worthy.

Aja (Safe): Aja should have left on the face mask in all honesty. Once she took it off, the look became less exciting. I enjoyed the cape, and headpiece but the rest was very plain. I will not comment on the make up.

Cynthia (Safe): This look was so much to take in. She was covered head to toe in diamantes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – just not my taste level. A little tacky, a little half assed. She needs to go further to really achieve what she is going for, get a whole headdress rather than one feather!

Nina (Safe): After her crazy talented looks last week, this was a bit of a step back but was decent nonetheless. She gave us X Men Storm vibes, and the wig and padding was on point. The fact she painted on her headpiece was interesting, if a little odd.

Farrah (Safe): Her second Vegas look, she is gorgeous, and cheeky – but we’re hoping this isn’t all she can pull out. We love the whole thing head to toe, including the peekaboo mask.

Charlie (Low): She looks totally evil, but snatched, polished and stunning. It gives us drag queen winter villainess and we live for it! It all works in cohesion with the hair, make up, and gown – we just hated her black cuff.

Shea (High): I was not blown away by this look like everybody else seemed to be due to the feeling that I have seen it somewhere before. That said it was sickening, and the big hair is everything.

Valentina (Winner): For the second week in a row, Valentina slays us with her runway! It was so beautiful and intricate, whatever she was selling we were buying. She looks absolutely stunning.

Valentina won the episode with a fun performance in the challenge, and a gorgeous runway. On the flip side Jaymes, and Kimora were clearly the bottom two and competed in a lip sync of ‘Love Shack’ by the B52’s. Jaymes became the first eliminated.

Our Verdict Is: This was such a good episode with great humour, and emotional stories with a fun to watch challenge, but kind of unfair to those without dancing experience, no? While we, and everybody else clocked Jaymes as the first to go were actually was sadder than we thought to see her go! This episodes sets up Valentina as one to watch as the heart of the show.

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