The Glass Closet: Hayden Christensen

There are plenty of cases to be made for celebs in the glass closet, but the rumours of Hayden Christensen have dated back over a decade, with still little resolution.

The rumours in question began circulating in 2001 when Christensen rose to fame following his starring role in the Star Wars saga.

The star provided a rather in depth interview with ‘The Advocate’ in 2001, where he discussed his sexuality and all but came out in the process. At this time, it was open knowledge in Hollywood that he had been living with, and dating his longtime companion is Trevor Blumas.

In early 2003, a photograph of the couple was published in a gay-oriented magazine entitled ‘StarCeleb’ which showed Christensen alongside Blumas, describing him as the new man in Hayden’s life. Around this time several blind items were posted about the pair, including where he was seen kissing his boyfriend on the streets of West Hollywood.

Later in 2003 is where Christensen began to rebuff ideas around his homosexuality, largely due to his growing acting success. During promotion for Star Wars, rumours and photos involving Christensen dating costar Natalie Portman would float around the media – including stories leaked from set that kissing scenes were extended etc.

Christensen and Blumas were said to have broken up around September 2003 following two years dating. Both actors left the home they shared together in California to return home in Toronto, Canada, and London, Canada respectively.

In February 2004, the pair came under investigation by law enforcement in Canada and the U.S. for charges of “child molestation.” The lengthy investigation is primarily lobbied against Blumas, but detail the the pair both may have been involved with minors at some point in their relationship together – one such tryst was rumoured to be pop star Aaron
Carter, when he was just 15 years old.

By his mid twenties, Christensen struck up a relationship with Rachel Bilson, and the pair who now share a child, have been together for over a decade. If Christensen may have been gay, or bisexual it appears he is currently set up for life with Bilson!

Our Verdict Is: We think Hayden has been the unfortunate victim of some wishful thinking, and wild rumours that arose in the celeb gossip boom of 2003. Most likely straight.

2 thoughts on “The Glass Closet: Hayden Christensen

  1. Is it possible that he is truly bisexual? Perhaps he was in a romantic relationship with Trevor Blumas then they broke up. Afterwards, Hayden met Rachel and fell in love with her. This happened in reverse with Andy Mientus. He was in a relationship with a woman, someone he truly cared about. They broke up and then he met Michael Arden and eventually married him. So, it could happen with Mr. Christensen.

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