Adore Delano / Till Death Do Us Party: Review

With a stellar pop album full of great vocals, fun songs, and cool production, Adore Delano saw mainstream success with her impressive debut album. We’ve decided to review the record, track by track.

One of the most successful queens to release music from Drag Race Delano found herself with some good chart positioning, great album sales, and a successful tour. The album received great reviews, and her videos were fun and popular.

Track-By-Track Review:

Speak My Sex

Kicking the album off how she wishes to follow, this track is loud, bouncy, and fun. The lyrics are not the best here, but the harsh beat, and the way in which Adore performs the chorus will have you screaming along regardlessly. It’s a decent track to play while driving in the car, but nothing substantial or significant.


Serving as her first single, the message has not grown much since the first song on the record, but her use of lyrics, and song structure are far better – despite its frivolous nature. The trap/ hip-hop beats channel a cool, and nasty vibe that will be popular with any “bad bitch”.


This track is where the album loses me a bit. The title track is simple, and carefree with positive summery vibes. However, it is sugary sweet, and leans too far into the autotune to satisfy us fully. We do like the structure of the song, which comes off with a Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’ type set up. Really well crafted, just a little too bubblegum pop.

I Adore U

Adore slows things down for her emotionally charged track which rivals the likes of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’. The pop ballad is a shining example of her talents as both a singer and song writer, as this is her most well constructed track.

Calling All Goddesses

A fun little ditty of a song, it is an almost interactive number where she beacons you to join her army of misfits. Its heavy handed change from electro-pop beats, to slower bass driven sections will keep your attention from beginning to end. The simple but fun, and uplifting lyrics are cute and enjoyable to sing along to.

Jump the Gun

We have to say, we’re sad Gia Gunn didn’t get a feature on this track – that would have been ama-zing! Taking a darker, edgier turn Adore demonstrates her versatility as an artist. The lyrics aren’t exactly mind-blowing, but its a cool and sensual track.

Give Me Tonight

A cover of the 1984 Shannon hit, we are absolutely obsessed with this track. While remaining faithful to the original, Adore provides a much needed update to make sure the record is up to date and perfect for a slow dance jam in the club. Showcasing her vocals the track is far eerier, and darker than the original and a complete bop.

I Look Fuckin’ Cool

Featuring Alaska Thunderfuck, this pair make an unstoppable creative duo, both laying down great lyrics with layered references they bounce of one another well. Loud, abrasive, hilarious, and magnetic together the pair create a sickening track that works even better when performed live!

Hello, I Love You

Crafted as a beautiful love song, the track is full of cutesy, fluffy imagery, and an airy, delicate production but it is the expertly crafted lyrics that shift the tune on its head. Perfectly weighing her comedy vs song crafting talent, it is a fun track that is expertly made.

The Creeps

A track created for Halloween night alone, the creeps is a bubblegum pop version of a rock song, less spooky and more sweet we’re not quite sure what she was aiming for here. The interludes throughout are great, and we are sure perform well live, but when Sharon Needles has the market on horror; is it even worth going here? An average track.

My Address Is Hollywood

Perhaps one of the most personal tracks on the album, despite still being a pop song. It explores Adore’s new found fame, in a way that is interesting, creative and fun. A great track, with cool lyrics, and production just not the highlight of the album.

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