Watch Now: This Amazing Annie Spoof!

We love a good musical, and this unconventional spin on the classic Annie is a little bit of excellence that we want a full feature of!

Starring our favourite fag hag Kathy Griffin as the much older orphan red-headed ‘Grannie’, she navigates her way through the iconic numbers in a plucky sensibility.

Real Housewife Lisa Rinna joins the skit as the ever fabulously trashy Mrs. Hannigan, though her jaw-dropping dramas on her reality show has us questioning how much of her boozy antics is acting.

Out and proud Colton Haynes rounds out the cast as Daddy Warbucks, his singing is a hidden talent but his comedic performance could use a little work.

Created by the YouTube channel ‘A Brit and a Yank’, the tribute includes all the classics Tomorrow, I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here, Sign, Little Girls, and Hard Knock Life.

Together the pair have only amassed a viewership of just over 5000 subscribers, but we think they deserve alot more attention with brilliant videos such as this! Check them out!

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