Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 1 Episode 2 Ruview

After viewing the last episode, it is crazy to see quite how much the show has changed in its inception, though the one thing that has been consistent; the drama!

We get a look into the queens living quarters at the beginning of the episode, a factor we wish was still present today. Through the beginning of the episode, the girls all react to Porkchops exit, although there is no lipstick note on the mirror.

Ru enters the workroom to provide the girls with their mini-challenge: taking selfies of certain expressions. Akashia and Ongina were both named the winners. This challenge also marks the first instance that we finally get our pit crew!

The main challenge of the week was to split into two groups and create a pop girl group. Each girl had their own individual tasks i.e. make-up, choreography, costumes etc. Upon being given the two song’s Akashia tackled Ongina to get the first pick which had us gagged!

With the girls each in charge of different sections of the group, tensions were palpable between everyone! Rather than compromising with one another, most of the girls went gung-ho in many opposing directions.

With the girls singing a Destiny’s Child number for their group project, Ru brings in one of the famous girl group members…..Michelle Williams. Whomp, whomp. As if he would ever get Beyoncé on set, perhaps Kelly if she’s in the area.

Santino, and Merle were back as judges and Frank Gatson, and Michelle Williams are both guests judges. Yet much like last week one is given the moniker ‘extra special’ which is kinda shady to the other. P.S. How did Santino Rice, a Project Runway cast-off get a judging gig here?

The first group of Nina, Ongina, Shannel, and Rebecca were decent  but the whole thing was sort of low energy in comparison to what we are used to. Listening to Nina, we didn’t realise that winners used to get immunity for the next week!

Team two of Bebe, Tammy, Akashia, and Jade had decent idea’s and styling but were far less put together as a group.

8. Akashia (Bottom 2): Akashia was not the worst performer, but she was not a team member, doing her own thing and trying to be noticed. She ignored the choreography and tore the group dynamic apart.

7. Tammie (Bottom 2): Poor Tammie was totally out of her element in this challenge, having a ‘sexy’ challenge is a stretch for her rather than having different types of characters such as todays show. Despite performing poorly she was still hilarious to watch.

6. Nina (Low): She was definitely the weak link of her group, but she did her best with the hair stylings.

5. Rebecca (Low): The outfits were kind of hideous, yet she did well to differentiate them. Her lip syncing was pretty good, but not spectacular.

4. Jade (Safe): She did a great job at choreographing the number, and had a solid performance.

3. Shannel (Safe): She did a great job as the groups make up artist, and did well in the lip sync.

2. BeBe (High): She stood out the most in her team, and pulled her weight in the team.

1. Ongina (Winner): she totally deserved the win giving everything in her performance. She stepped outside her comfort zone with a new look, and was open to all her team mates decisions.

Group Nina, Ongina, Shannel, and Rebecca won the challenge, with Ongina declared the overall victor. Between the other girls, Tammie Brown and Akashia were named the bottom two.

The pair lip synced to Michelle Williams’ ‘hit song’ Break The Dawn. While Akashia drew tears from Williams with her performance, Tammie Brown oddly refused to sing along with the lyrics sending her packing.

Our Verdict Is: While i’m going to miss the kookiness of Tammie Brown, it’s super disappointing that she gave up even before the lip sync. While she slayed the game last week, Nina sadly floundered this time around. Ongina is killing it once again, and Shannel is doing great. Jade, Rebecca, and Bebe are all average at the moment, and Akashia is ready to go any minute. It’s also refreshing to see the contestants argue back with judges during deliberation rather than the standard ‘Thank You”, and “Absolutelyyy” that we’re used to.

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