Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 1 Episode 3 Ruview

We’re on just the third episode now and so much has happened already, it’s insurmountable how much drag queens can bring to reality tv in comparison to regular competition shows.

Ru enters the workroom for the episodes mini-challenge, a pop quiz. Honestly, I was confused for a few minutes until it was revealed to be a rouse for the larger challenge at hand!

The queens must channel their inner Oprah and design a look inspired by her. They get a choice of using costumes provided, their own wardrobe, or create something from scratch! It is super cool giving the queens options for the creation their looks.

Hilarious, Jade completely misunderstood and began painting herself in blackface until the other queens steered her in the white direction. Sorry, *right direction. Rebecca steps up and is the only girl to sew her own outfit!

During the filming of their videos, none of the girls performed particularly well except Ongina. Shannel, and Jade were decent. Bebe was kind of boring, and Nina was unintentionally hilarious.

Through the interview section the girls had to interview Tori Spelling and her mess of a husband Dean McDermott, to varying success. The funniest parts were Akashia blanking them, Nina accidently asking Tori about her HIV, and Shannel not giving the pair chance to speak.

For the runway, the girls are ordered to hit the stage in their best drag but before that the pit crew brings out cocktails, and Dean walks in heels. Amazing what Z-listers will do for screentime.

Guest judges Howard Bragman, and Debra Wilson Skelton join our panel, and Ru finally starts doing her one arm in the arm “may the best woman win!” move. Here also marks the point where the judges are more vocal during runways.

The following girls are ranked in my opinion from best to worst from both the runway and challenge.


7. Akaisha (Bottom Two): enters with a beautiful brown gown, with hair and make up beautiful to match but in comparison to he competitors was underwhelming. While she fell on the runway, the recovery was everything.

6. Shannel (Bottom Two): looked larger than life with a stunning headpiece and our first glimpse at a breastplate on the show which stunned us. The intricate make up and overall look, gave us Poison Ivy realness.

5. Jade (Low): was gorgeous on the runway! Her outfit was sultry, but beautifully crafted and her hair and make up was the most feminine and sexy of the whole season!

4. Nina (Safe): flowers shows off a softer side with her blonde wig, and flowing teal jumpsuit but keeps her edge with a corset and that contour.

3. Rebecca (Safe): looked stunning, fish AF. Her hair and make up were gorgeous, but her dress was a little lacklustre.

2. Bebe (High): comes through first with a gigantic feathered jacket, unveiling it to reveal a skin tight leopard jumpsuit padded to perfection, and that waist! Her hair was also larger than life.

1. Ongina (Winner): looked equisite in her stunning minidress, but the doll hat is what really kicked off the look.

The winner of the week was Bebe, while the bottom two were Akashia and Shannel.

After a rousing rendition of Greatest Love of All, Shannel was declared safe, despite enduring the first ever wig slip on the show and Akashia finally sashayed away.

Our Verdict Is: Although she didn’t win this week, Ongina is still the front runner of the show, closely followed by Nina and then Bebe. Shannel is seriously talented, but while a huger personality her ego gets the best of her. Rebecca and Jade both need to step up their games to be noticed, and despite a strong lip sync it really is Akashia’s time to go.


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