Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 1 Episode 4 Ruview

Another great episode in the bag, only a handful of contestants are left to fight for the title of drag superstar!

Ru enters the workroom for a ‘Reading Is Fundamental’-light challenge. The queens must give each other criticisms. It’s not funny, or dramatic just a little awkward and at times emotional.

Now the actual mini challenge is for the girls to do one another’s make-up in just 30 minutes! Rebecca and Bebe, Jade and Nina, Ongina and Shannel were each paired; with Jade winning.

This weeks main challenge is a Mac Viva Glam campaign! The brand gets a shit-tonne of promo, and we finally hear Ru say: “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent!”

With Akashia gone, Rebecca quickly takes up the role of the shows full-time villain.

On the mainstage, we’ve noticed Ru actually looks at his co-judges! Rather than directly into the camera. The guest judges are Gordon Espinet and Jenny Shimizu.

The ranking of girls is my personal opinion for the episode:

Rebecca (Bottom Two): She broke down during the challenge and stormed off set. Apparently due to her friend having AID’s. While we feel for her it was also kind of odd. Her look was far too casual and off the rack for the show, and her make-up was cheap. Her runway dress was lazy, and the Kiss star was confusing.

Jade (Bottom Two): While she struggled in her video, she really had a thought out speech, and her dancing was great. Her runway look was dark and decent, I mean it was just a jacket.

Shannel (Low): She was putting on some kind of After School Special with an odd ‘professional’ look, and a drawn out story. There was no personality in the piece. Perhaps her most iconic runway look, the suit was sexy, and revealing in the best of ways and the juggling was next level ish.

Nina (Safe): She struggled in the challenge, but most Puerto Rican queens with thick accents seem to fall in acting challenges. She did look stunning in her video though. Her outfit was oaky, but the feather wrist bands everything! Though she tripped, who cares.

Bebe (High): This queen speaks like an Angel, her speech was beautiful and articulate, and the look and B-roll were both gorgeous. Another animal priny, she gave true sexy yet classy lady, and that head piece was everything.

Ongina (Winner): Entering the set Ongina originated Alaska’s “HIEEE” which had us shook. She spoke well and had fun, the image of her with the red balloons is instantly iconic. Her runway black and white look was beautiful, it was cute and fun.

The winner of the challenge was Ongina which lead to the most dramatic and newsworthy moment of season one: the revelation that she is HIV positive. The touching moment gives us our first RuPaul ‘sisters’ speech.

Rebecca and Jade landed in the bottom two and lip synced to “Would I Lie to You”. After a close performance Jade was sent home.

Our Verdict Is: Ongina is the heart of the show while Bebe and Nina are both hot on her heels, meaning there are three front runners. Shannel is a great queen, but her harsh personality makes it hard to get behind her. Jade and Rebecca are both, and have been the bottom of the barrel for a while. While neither of the queens slayed the lip sync, Jade put on a superior performance but we’re guessing nobody really cared because she was so boring. Our first ever filler queen.

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