YouTuber’s To Watch: Manny MUA

Male make-up artists have taken over the beauty blogging business on YouTube, and Manny MUA is among one of the sites most popular with a wealth of viewers and a growing following across all social media sites.

The popular YouTube personality has run his beauty and makeup channel since 2014, where he skyrocketed to over 235,000 subscribers within the first 8 months of launching his channel. Now he boasts a dedicated fan base of over 2.7 million subscribers, over 3.5 million Instagram followers and more than 600,000 Twitter followers.

Born Manny Gutierrez, he was born in San Diego, California to a strict Mormon family. Growing up visiting church every Sunday left MUA terrified of his homosexuality, made worse when at 17-years-old his parents found out and sent him to counselling. After six months of unsuccessful therapy he became depressed, leading his parents to tell him they just wanted him to be happy, ceasing counselling.

Following graduation, MUA was destined to attend medical school but ditched the idea to follow his passion as a make up artist, and began working at Sephora and MAC makeup counters in his hometown of San Diego.


That led to an increasingly popular presence on Instagram and ultimately befriending fellow Instagram beauty star, Patrick Simondac (known better as Patrick Starrr).

As his fanbase grew, he began releasing his own products including liquid lipsticks with Gerard Cosmetics, and Ofra Cosmetics, an eyeshadow pallet with Makeup Geek, and a high profile collaboration with Jeffree Starr.

In 2017 Maybelline featured MUA in its campaign to launch ‘Big Shot Mascara by Colossal’ where he starred alongside fellow beauty guru Shayla Mitchell in a series of adverts. He became the latest in a line of cosmetics companies showcasing male models wearing makeup in their advertisemens. Such as James Charles for CoverGirl and Thomas Halbert for MAC, among others.


As well as being the first male featured in a Maybelline campaign, the beauty mavern is now the only man to make PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful List after featuring this year.

With an estimated net worth of $350,000, and weekly videos that feature candid opinions, tutorials, and a whole host of laughs – we’re sure Manny is going to continue to soar in the beauty world so catch up and tag along!

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