Why You Should Be Watching: Girlboss

Female-fronted Netflix shows are the bomb-diggity, an early noughties throwback about a savvy hustler starting her own fashion business while juggling her complicated life is honestly more than we could ask for – and we’re so greatful.

What’s the name of the show? Girlboss

How many seasons are there? Released on Netflix on April, 21 this is the first but hopefully not only season. 13 episodes, 20 minutes a piece, endless streaming, this is perfect binge-viewing material. 

What is this show all about? Independent, outgoing, and almost cartoonly hapless Sophia forgoes her fathers obviously large fortune to go things alone in San Fransisco. With her small pocket of friends, mould-ridden apartment, and empty bank account she uncovers her own abilities and combines them with her scamming ways to create a living. Starting from just trying to turn a buck, she slowly starts a brand and growing a legit business.

Who does it star? Britt Robertson takes up the lead as the epitomes ‘Girlboss’ Sophia Marlowe, you may know her from starring in a handful of short-lived tv series’ Under The Dome, Life Unexpected, and The Secret Circle and a bunch of movies – she’s also dating our number one crush Dylan O’Brien

Ellie Reed is set to be the breakout star as the fascinating, hilarious, and quirky sidekick Annie, who provides us with the some of the shows more relatable moments – such as her breakdown over Marissa’s death in The O.C. Johnny Simmons heads up the male lead as the primary love interest in which he plays the same role he has perfected in our fave movies: Jennifer’s Body, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The To Do List and probably more we have yet to see.

Josh Couch plays the adorable, offbeat homosexual Max while Dean Norris, Jim Rash, and RuPaul all hit up the series in brilliant featuring roles!

What’s it similar to? This show has the unusual, irreverent sense of humour that is divisive amongst audiences. If you enjoy the craziness that follows Crazy Ex-Girlfriendor the randomness of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtor the self-involvement of Girls this is the kind of show for you. You will know within the first 10 minutes if it is for you.

I haven’t read the books, will I still get it? Most definitely. When we say this is loosely based on Amoruso’s best-selling novel, we mean loosely! The general story, and scrappy background of the business maven is the general landscape of the show but its core content is entirely fiction, filtered through the zany, strong, independent female lens of the autobiography.

What about the eye candy? Pretty much zilch. Johnny Simmons definitely has his ‘adorable’ appeal, and Alphonso McAuley is attractive to be sure in his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearances but this series is purely for girl power!

Our Verdict Is: If you love a quick fix of camp humour, light drama, and a whole bunch of millennial free-spirit, march to the beat of our own drummer actions this is the show for you. You will most likely tear through the season and be distraught once you realise its over and done for a year. We love it despite its gaping flaws, and will model ourselves on Sophia until we too can make a living from the comfort of our own bed. 

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