Lady Gaga / Joanne: Review

After three long years since ARTPOP Gaga is back with another number one album, Joanne. Full off stripped back vocally strong tracks, the pop icon transitions between pop, rock and country for her latest efforts.

Track-By-Track Review:

Diamond Heart

The perfect opening to the record, this track is an emotionally honest, raw song that switches things up throughout from melancholic to hyperactive rock with a killer chorus. It perfectly demonstrates that the pop diva is back and ready to slay.


This song goes a little crazy, leaning her pop direction more into the country side it will have you truly feeling as though you are in a dive bar with a hectic chorus and chant-able dirty lyrics. Fun, crazy, and poppy this track will have you clapping and dancing along.


The title track of the record provides once of Gaga’s deepest cuts to date – a love letter to her deceased aunt whom she has always been open about sharing an intense connection with it is thoughtful yet heartbreaking. Soft, gentle, and sweet the lyrics are beautiful and personal and the vocals create a moving tribute.

John Wayne

The third single from the album, is an off-kilter synth-pop / electronic cut. Never one for subtlety’s she is rather ham fisted with the cowboy references which is hopefully tongue-in-cheek humour but who knows! Great production and a killer music video turned the mediocre song into a banger.

Dancin’ In Circles

This is one of those tracks you forget about, but love once it comes around again. The underrated banger is sexy, smooth, and infectious. Full of cheeky metaphors and undercover imagery, she demonstrates some interesting vocals.

Perfect Illusion

The first single from the album, this loud, brash, and instantly catchy track divided her fanbase with its 80’s flair, and thumping beats. While it does not rank among her best singles, it is short, punchy, and has a killer key-change!

Million Reasons

The second single, and one of the most widely performed songs from the record, this is a slower take for Gaga as she pours her heart into a dizzy love ballad. She has always excelled on her ballads both lyrically, and vocally – and this ranks up there with her brightest.

Sinners Prayer

One of the more low-key efforts on the record, this track is not bad by any means – it just isn’t all too memorable. She gets a lil’ country, a lil’ personal, and a lil’ creative but the result is neither here nor there.

Come To Mama

This song is hilariously soothing. The cheery, upbeat personality and sax-heavy production is a complete change in the album but fits nonetheless. Here she is at her most theatrical, and preachy but its a cute song with a nice message – definitely one for her little monsters.

Hey Girl

Teaming up with Florence Welch this duet between two powerhouse pop figures ends up as an unstated, soft R&B-inspired track. Lyrically, it is a song of female-empowerment, and relationships – sisters supporting sisters – which we can get behind but production-wise it is a little forgettable.

Angel Down

This track is the closer of the record, and leaves us on an emotionally draining, mourning note. A beautifully-written reflection on todays society in an era of ‘Black Lives Matter’ – this atmospheric synth-ballad is a stunning tribute to Trayvon Martin among many others.

Grigio Girls

One of our personal favourites, this song is all about friendship, love, and support – through the power of wine! Emotionally open, and honest with an overwhelming feeling of genuine love and fun – the album is stronger thanks to this addition.

Just Another Day

For some reason this track gives me weird Beatles-vibes with electronic whirls that bring back Bugsy Malone tones (the musical, not the rapper). She just seems to riff, and have some fun – a decent bonus track but does it make the album any better? – Nah.

Our Verdict Is: This may not be her strongest work to date, but there is more than enough decent music, and interesting ideas to keep us firmly on the Gaga train. ‘Grigio Girls’, and ‘Million Reasons’ give us some of our fave moments, and the music videos have been solid too!

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