Christina Aguilera’s Albums: Ranked

She may have lived her career in Britney Spears’ shadow, despite having the more superior pipes, but we have decided to make Xtina the star of this list by listening to and ranking all of her albums!

It is not until now that we realise Aguilera has 5 albums not including the Christmas, and Spanish records – and her last outing was five years ago! Get it together sis!

7. Mi Reflejo

C mi reflecto

For her sophomore album, Aguilera did something quite unexpected and released an entire record in Spanish. While it performed exceptionally with latin audiences, the reviews were less than stellar with a mixed reception from more commercial reviewers. Many praised her hefty vocals while focusing more critique on the clunky translations and ill-fitting covers.

Highlights: Cuando No es Contigo, Contigo en la Distancia

6. My Kind of Christmas

C christmas

For some strange reason (money) Aguilera’s third album was a Christmas collection rather than a true follow up to her debut. With covers of iconic Christmas numbers as well as original dance tracks, the jumbled album was kind of a mess but in the best way. The album wasn’t even the top holiday album of the year, failing making a lasting impression with lacklustre tracks. She oversings alot, like alot, alot.

Highlights: This Christmas, The Christmas Song (Holiday Remix)

5. Lotus

C lotus

Oh Jeez, her latest album did not do Aguilera justice as it was chock full of unoriginal, uninspired tracks that were neither here nor there. The overuse of the production took away from her impressive vocals rather than showcasing them and resulted in an oversimplified record full of mediocre songs.

Highlights: Red Hot Kinda Love, Best Of Me, Army Of Me

4. Christina Aguilera

C christina

Her self-titled debut held a number of iconic tracks, and even more undiscovered gems that really paved her way in the industry. The somewhat erratic collection of songs veered between boundless sex appeal and soulful diva, and forged a strong start for the teen artist to fully explore her charisma and artistry. The record won her a Grammy, and  cemented her as that bitch.

Highlights: Come On Over Baby, Genie In A Bottle, When You Put Your Hands On Me

3. Bionic

C bionic

This was quite a confusing era that drew mixed reviews from listeners and critics alike, while some believed it to be trying to hard to stand out and keep up with competition such as Lady Gaga, others believed it was ahead of its time. Either way, this is anything but a boring album – there are a number of bangers with a new sound for Xtina, a heck of alot of sexual themes, and heaps of f-u-n.

Highlights: Vanity, I Am, Bobblehead, My Girls, WooHoo

2. Back To Basics


After an extended hiatus, Aguilera released a phenomenal album with a new sound, look, and era that excited fans and widened her demographic. Her introduction of old-school soul, jazz and blues into current pop music was an innovative move that was unique for its time and stood out from what was hot in that years mainstream music. Harbouring a number of her most iconic tracks, it is full of awesome songs to enjoy with an original sound.

Highlights: Candyman, Ain’t No Other Man, Oh Mother, Here To Stay

1. Stripped

C stripped

Of course Stripped takes the number one spot on our list. Xtinas true arrival on the music scene with a number of highly successful singles and a style of music that is unmistakably Aguilera. It is the first record where she took creative control, having fun and incorporated a number of different styles including pop, soul, R&B, rock, hip-hop and Latin. Although the title may sound naughty, it is more fitting with how emotionally open, and bare she allows herself to be while still retaining her youth, and fiery attitude.

Highlights: Beautiful, Fighter, Walk Away, Can’t Hold Us Down, Dirrrty

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