TBT: Remember These Failed Celebrity Clothing Lines?

From Kanye West, to the Olsen twins, to Vicky Beckham; celebrity clothing designers have churned out millions in successful clothing lines – however not all who have attempted to crack the fashion world have seen such success.

For this #ThrowbackThursday we’re taking a trip down memory lane with some of the worst collection fails to come from our favourite celebs.

The Katherine Heigl Collection, by Katherine Heigl


Prior to ditching Greys Anatomy and becoming a Hollywood pariah Heigl decided to sell out and design a line of scrubs in 2007. At $25 a pair, the whole arrangement was an odd decision from the get go. They have now been surprisingly discontinued.

Bitten, by Sarah Jessica Parker 


Good old SJP is one of the most stylish celebs around and has been since her Carrie Bradshaw days over two decades ago. How the reigning queen of the ‘most fashionable’ list could get a fashion line so wrong is beyond us. Launched in 2007, Bitten was an inexpensive line sold with the now defunked chain Steve and Barry’s. The clothing was super drab and boring, receiving negative reviews across the board and tanking almost instantly.

Dear, by Amanda Bynes 


Much like SJP’s ill-fated line, Dear was also launched by Steve and Barry’s as its youthful counterpart. Again, the outfits were ridiculously drab and dull, especially for a young teen wanting to dress like the young Hollywood they see on TV. A total misfire that may or may not have added to the companies imminent bankruptcy.

Pastelle, by Kanye West


Prior to his well documented, and mass reproduced for River Island line Kanye West pulled one of the most Kanye West moves possible and created a fashion line purely for… himself.  Many moons ago as he was blowing up, he would often be seen in interesting fashions which he later promoted as his line called Pastelle. The only issue was that the collection was never made available to the public – God knows why not.

Heidiwood, by Heidi Montag


Perhaps inspired by Lauren Conrads popular clothing lines (yes, that is plural) Heidi Montag released her own brand of affordable womenswear, including tank tops, and booty shorts. Needless to say it was only a matter of months until the whole line went under. At least she has that music career to fall back on!

1926, by Lindsay Lohan


Poor Lilo just can’t catch a break. After being unable to get acting work, the starlet attempted to hock leggings even though were pretty sure we had never seen her in a pair until the launch. Not with the wealth of crotch shots back in the day. Confusingly, she named the line after the birthday of her idol, Marilyn Monroe… Hilarious. As with any Lohan pursuit she was eventually sued by her manufacture for $5 million.

FuMan Skeeto, by Chris Kirkpatrick


While you are most likely asking yourself “Who?” in 1999 when this clothing line was launched, Kirkpatrick was better known as the “not Justin Timberlake or the gay on from *NSYNC”. The casual line of urban street wear with Asian influences, just didn’t quite hit well with audiences and the clothing was universally panned.

Ashlee Simpson for Wet Seal, by Ashlee Simpson


Wet Seal teamed up with Simpson for a line of T-shirt and “rock ‘n roll”-esque clothing. Unfortunately, as with every aspect in her life, Simpson was not quite as successful as her billionaire clothing brand sister Jessica – and her line tanked without ever making a splash.

Archangel Accessories, by Brody Jenner


Brody Jenner decided to break out of the mould to prove that not all Jenners are successful. Long before supermodel Kendall, or make-up maven Kylie, Brody attempted to capitalise on his 2007 The Hills fame by lauching his own accessories line. The reality stars rock-inspired jewellery line unfortunately bombed. Hard.

Malibu Dave, David Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff, who was once the king of television jumped on the celebrity clothing line bandwagon in 2006 to turn a buck by releasing Malibu Dave, a surf-inspired line attempting to make the most of his iconic TV show Baywatch connection. Sold mostly online, the line fizzled out and Hasselhoff jumped onto his next money making scheme.

Dollhouse, by Paris Hilton


Back in her day Paris Hilton was quite the business woman, enjoying several different ventures from music, to perfume. Fashion was unfortunately not one of them. Her line of jeans, dresses, and t-shirts, many of which featured her own face failed to become a success.

Chick by Nicky Hilton, by Nicky Hilton


Nothing says using your name to sell products more than forcing your name in the products. Hilton decided to launch a range of clothing that was already popular at the time, and then act like she had her finger on the pulse of fashion. The only relics of this line actually existing was her brief appearance on Project Runway.

Fetish, by Eve


At the height of her fame in 2003, Eve released this “sexed-up urban wear line” featured bold logos and prints. This was the early noughties and the tacky look was shockingly in so the line was pretty successful at department stores around the country, but was shut down a few years later after running into licensing issue. Although she attempted to relaunch the brand in 2008 with a more refined, sleek look but the revamp lasted less than a year.

Situation Nation, by Mike Sorrentino

Michael Sorrentino

Michael Sorrentino AKA The Situation decided to make a lazy, ugly, and uninspired fashion line to churn out some income with his brother. Despite lasting about 2 years, the brand was unceremoniously cut when the boys were charged with tax evasion and making dodgy business deals. Yikes.

Gosselin Gear, by Jon Gosselin


Rather than following a calling for design and fashion, Gosselin attempted to make the most of his 5 minutes of fame by releasing a collection of clothes inspired by his Ed Hardy obsession. As if this wasnt embarrasing enough Hardy decided to publicly blame the disgraced father of eight for his dwindling sales.

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