Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 1 Episode 5 Ruview

Just five girls remain to fight their way into the final three, and with a make over challenge that relies on working with strangers, its anybodies guess who will go.

Ru entered the workroom with a gaggle of guests this episode to help the girls with their mini challenge for the week: a boxing lesson with a group of female boxers.

Hilariously after a few minutes of the girls flailing punches, Shannel is taken ill and has to lie down until shhe can regroup herself.The last person standing in the training will be declared the winner and as queens soon begin dropping it is shockingly Rebecca who takes the crown!

Here leads into the main challenge of the week, to make over the female boxers into drag queens. As the winner Rebecca gets to divvy out the ladies to the queens, and uses the power for extreme sabotage, which is delightful!

The chemistry between the masculine ladies and femme men is hilarious, and the task is actually quite challenging. There’s no wonder the show brought this task back multiple times.

A second part of the challenge is dropped on all of the girls by Ru, to have their drag daughter lip sync to ‘Freakum Dress’, the show really is produced by Bey fans this season.

5. (Bottom 2): Ongina and her partner stumbled this week, the dresses were not great and the overall transformation was not to a great extent.

4. (Winner): Rebecca and her daughter looked trypical Rebecca: cheap. The shake and go wigs looked terrible, and Rebecca’s make-up style is just tacky. The dresses were lazy, and the overall aesthetic was too much to be sexy.

3. (Bottom 2): Bebe and her partner looked beautiful, the dresses were stunning though the Indian/African divide really caused them to struggle. Though she killed it in the lip sync.

2. (Safe): Nina and her girl had a great resemblence between themselves. By looking at the daughter you can completely see in the hair and make-up who had dressed her.

1. (High): Shannel and her partner were great. Although she was dragged up in a crazy drag outfit, she looked beautiful in the face and hair.

Rebecca won and despite doing well, we cant help feel it was completely stolen from Shannel this week. On the flip side sadly Ongina and Bebe fell into the bottom two together competing in the seasons most intense lip sync, kicking Ongina to the kerb.

Our Verdict Is: Ru left her seat at the judges table explaining that the decision was too difficult to make. The only time she has ever done this. Upon returning we disagreed with her decision to send Ongina home, we preferred her more controlled lip sync and her overall performances. Why she has never been called back for All Stars has us confused.

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