YouTuber’s To Watch: Dylan Will Not Participate

As far as straight white men go, there is only so much we can take of them on a daily basis, but this new YouTuber is actually quite bare-able. Dylan Will Not Participate is thoughtful, funny, and kind of attractive – making him one of our favourite new YouTubers.

Beginning his channel at the tail end of last year, he quickly gained momentum gaining over 85,000 subscribers, and 9,500,000 total views and counting in under six months already!

Full name Dylan Matthews, there is little easily accessible information on him on the web leaving us with many questions – how old is he? what does he do for work? but honestly who really cares?

A reaction channel, he has dedicated himself solely to music, with his core focus on gay pop divas. Gaga, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé are among the artists he regularly reacts to, in a more pensive, and thought-provoking manner to many other channels as he analyses the deeper meanings of pop.


Due to his gay-centric content, mixed with his good-looks he has gained himself quite the dedicated gay fanbase as evident by his Instagram followers. With a manageable amount of fans, he frequently replies to his viewers on Twitter, and takes the majority of his video ideas from popular consensus.

Branching out into other elements aside from music reactions, he has just launched his second channel full of more random, and casual videos which he also regularly uploads.

He’s silly, funny, cute, and pretty smart – so we enjoy checking in with his channel when were perusing YouTube, and suggest you check him out too!

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